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Another reason to love my wife

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I am on my way to Montreal as I type this – technically I’m on my way to Dorval. Normally, I would drive and claim mileage but the good wife suggested I look into taking a train. So I did.

The business class ticket was cheaper than claiming mileage and I can spend the time playing on my iPad: either playing games, listening to music or writing a blog, for example.

God bless VIA Rail and my wife.

The only downside is that business class is the front train so if we crash, we’ll die first. I hope I’m not in the restroom.


Three blogs and a toilet.

August 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Toilet (aka “Thank goodness I work in waste water”):

My wife is a manager and therefore on call for her work. The other night, she got a call because her staff flushed the keys down the toilet. This meant that my wife spent the next day getting keys cut and changing locks.

About halfway through the day, I thought, “Holy Crap!” – no pun intended –  “That could really cause some plumbing issues.” I emailed RY and told her to call a plumber, which she did. He came and snaked the drain the next day.

If I hadn’t worked in the waste water industry, I wouldn’t have received the tweet about wet wipes being a problem in the toilet, made the connection that if wet wipes are bad so keys must be worse and therefore would not have averted this near disaster.

Of course, common sense would likely have kicked in too…. I hope…

Groceries (aka “My wife is getting freakier):

As you may recall from a previous post, my wife has the uncanny gift of predicting what our groceries will cost. Last week, she gave me $100 and said, “this is for my half of the groceries tomorrow”. The next day we went shopping and sure enough, the total was $194. So she didn’t even see ANY of the groceries, and no, that is not the usual cost of our groceries.

Sadly, she cannot pick 649 numbers.

Weight of the World (aka “Kajiji buyers suck”):

As part of the purging process, I am getting rid of my Weider home gym. I posted it on Kajiji with a price and photo. It is currently disassembled in my basement and I would like to get it out.

I received three inquiries (all by email as that is how Kajiji works). The most verbose of the three inquiries said “is it still avalble”? I replied to all three. One replied back at 1:28am asking when would be a good time to pick it up. I replied/he replied. He never came.

Another gentleman emailed at 11:06pm and I replied back the next morning at 8am. He replied saying I was too late and he got one elsewhere. Really? At midnight? Is there a 24hr Sport Chek I’m unaware of? And he emailed me on the holiday Monday!

In total, I have had four people agree on price then not make arrangements to come get it.

I’m wondering if that is the problem with the sperm we’re getting – they agree to the price, but just aren’t showing up at the meeting location.

Pipeline Pillow Talk (aka “How will I read Dr Seuss to my baby?”):

I read to RY before bed as it helps her fall asleep and I can get some reading in. Unfortunately, the first book I ever read to her was “Story of O”. Now, no matter what I read to her, she swears it sounds like erotica.

Normally, I wouldn’t think about it too much but I just discovered that I will be presenting a work industry paper during an on-line conference. This means that I will submit a PowerPoint presentation with recorded audio of me reading the paper…

The boys have a nice toilet with two-level flushing.

June 1, 2011 Leave a comment

I am currently working for the same company I used to work for in Edmonton 12 years ago, only now I am working in their “Toronto” office. I fly to Edmonton a few times a year to hang out in the head office with the other staff.

The Edmonton office is a two-story building with a bunch of offices, a boardroom, shop, electronics lab, kitchen and a couple of bathrooms per gender. The bathrooms are single person bathrooms (yesterday the women’s restroom was in use when I was taking a quick break from a meeting so I used the men’s).

When I first came back to Edmonton in October, I was predominantly using the restroom by the boardroom as that was the one closest to where I was working. Then one day, I used the restroom under the stairs. Upon taking a seat I was immediately taken back to 1998 when I first started working there: the toilet seat is wooden and has a crack in it. When you sit down, the crack first widens a bit, then squeezes together pinching your tender butt. I had totally forgotten about that seat until that moment. But it all came back very quickly to my butt.

Afterwards, I approached the ladies in the reception area and said, “still haven’t fixed that toilet seat?” And they all laughed because every woman in that office has had her butt pinched by that seat. I said I would mail them a new seat for Christmas but never got around to it.

I am in Edmonton this week and had to use that restroom again. I noticed there was a new plastic seat on it. No crack, no pinch. (And no, I’m not going to make a joke about butt cracks…) Now the only problem is that it’s white while the toilet itself is harvest gold.

I am on a mission to find a harvest gold toilet seat. Surely some retro bathroom store will have one.

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Quick Update

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment
The seizure kitten is a-ok. No seizures in weeks. Her blood test on the weekend indicates her liver is fine and her med level is fine. We aren’t even giving her the maximum dose. I think she’s lost some weight but she’s sprightly and happy and plays a lot of fetch. We are usually woken up in the middle of the night by a meow only to find her on our bed with the paper ball, waiting for us to throw it for her.
The other kitten is also fine. He never had a problem but I don’t want all the attention to go to seizure kitten.
I just got back from a work trip to Mexico City where we have our Mexico office. It was my first time there. Weather was beautiful. A co-worker gave me a tour of downtown Mexico City, which was amazing. Beautiful architecture and a fabulous monument that was lit in purple to honour International Women’s Day. We also went to a square with mariachi bands, many many mariachi bands. In fact, there were more musicians there in mariachi costuming than in regular clothing. And it was only Thursday night.
I tried many new foods/drinks: cactus (lots of fibre), rice milk (very nice), and a drink that was essentially a bloody mary but with beer instead of vodka (also very nice). My tummy has been upset ever since but I weighed myself this morning and I haven’t lost any weight. I’m not sure how that’s possible simply due to a mass equation that says more is coming out than going in so I must be losing weight. Or maybe I was just fatter than I thought when I started.
Fit by 40 is going well. RY is working out like a mad woman for the wedding so I work out too. Not with her dedication, but my cardio has definitely improved. I can do more on the treadmill or elliptical than ever (although still not as much as RY).
And now teh woman is home so I’m signing off. I will update next time something exciting happens. 🙂

As long as they don’t call me late for dinner…

May 29, 2009 Leave a comment
My boss told me to get a NEXUS pass. A NEXUS pass is a special status that enables you to get through US/CAN customs faster. Instead of standing in line to talk to an immigration agent, you walk up to a computer, punch in some buttons, let it scan your iris and you’re done. No questions asked.
Once you have a NEXUS pass, you are considered a ‘trusted traveller’ and can almost come and go as you damn well please. But if they ever catch you smuggling anything, even an apple, they will take away your ‘trusted traveller’ status and can do the same to your relatives. I’m not sure how deep into the family tree they go, but the document threatening this looked pretty scary so maybe everyone up to and including my dead great-grandmother.
Step 1 in this process is getting a passport, which I already had. Easy.
Step 2 is getting a TN Visa. I went to the buffalo border and got one. Took half a day and 50 USD.
Step 3 was applying online for the actual NEXUS pass. Took a couple of hours and another 50 USD.
Step 4 was going to the NEXUS office at the airport for the interview, fingerprinting, iris scanning, etc. Took an hour including the drive and was free!
Step 5 was waiting about a month for the card to come in the mail, which it did. Unfortunately, according to my card, my middle name is "middle".
So I called the NEXUS office to fix it. I was expecting all kinds of bureaucratic nonsense and attitude. I didn’t get it. All the agents I spoke with were pleasant and helpful and incredibly accomodating. They told me how to fix it online, gave me their direct number and said they’d do the approval on their own instead of making me come down again (which they would normally have to do for a new card order). It was awesome. But it cost me 25 USD.

Once I get my card, I can come and go as I damn well please… well once I get the clearance from RY…. and as long as I don’t have an apple…

Oh – and RY has told me that I must apply an AR/AO analysis to this blog, so here it is:  Many people face oppression and  discrimination in the immigration process but due to my position of privilege in society, I am able to navigate this system much more easily. But when we say ‘position of privilege’ – that’s my race and class privilege, not gender or orientation privilege, because I don’t have that.
(By the way, AR/AO is anti-racism/anti-oppression for you unenlightened folks)

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A quickie

April 23, 2009 1 comment
Note: This is not the blog I’ve been promising since last week, but it will come (AND I have another one to blog too so there’s an embarassment of blog riches coming your way). This is a quickie because I’m on a work break:
I have always thought of myself as a young, hip boss. If you google me, you’ll actually find that I am one of’s "best bosses" (although that was back in 2005 and my staff were just trying to suck up…)
Regardless: young and hip.
Yesterday I discovered that one of my latest hires has the same birthday as I do. EXCEPT MINE IS 17 YEARS EARLIER!!!!!!!!!  I just hired someone who is an entire generation younger than I am!  I could be his mother!
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A little blog to hold you over.

November 9, 2008 Leave a comment
I know I’ve been negligent on the blog – here’s a short excuse why:
1. Moving RY into my place while mom and dad visited and did my renos. I have pictures. I’ll post them later. If you get a Christmas card from me, you’ll see pics there. If you’re on my facebook, there are pics there.
2. Trip to Phoenix for work. I came, I saw, I laid off. But no hard feelings.
3. Trip to Dallas for work. I came, I interviewed, I hired. But not enough. If you know anyone in Dallas looking to crawl into tiny spaces with water and wastewater, let me know.
4. Flag twirling rehearsals for Santa Claus parade season. Due to work and holidays, I will only be able to attend 3 parades. Good thing though – the hats for this year are painfully bad. Will have pics next week.
5. Trip to San Diego for work. I came, I saw, I inspected.
I’m keeping busy. Here’s a little hiring story to hold you over until I can either put up a pic or post a more interesting blog:
We have a contract staff person who searches the Monster and Workopolis sites and forwards resumes to us. She called me to set up a phone interview with a candidate in Virginia. Let’s call this candidate, John Smith. John wasn’t a random call – he applied to our ad in an industry paper. He actively sought us out and applied for a job. The interview was scheduled for 4pm on Wednesday.
I call, as scheduled, at 4pm on Wednesday. I hear his cell phone click on, but all I can hear is background noise. I say, "Hello? Hello". He answers, "hello?"
I say, "this is <insert my name here>, calling from <my company name here>". I pause waiting for some kind of recognition.
He says, "I can hardly hear you. It’s really loud in here. I’m in a bar."
I repeat what I just said.
He says, "You know what? I can hardly understand a word you’re saying. It’s so loud here. I’m in a bar. I love this bar. I’m always here."
So I’m thinking, ‘who says that?’. This has to be a joke. Someone’s punking me… I then reply, "maybe I should just email you."
He replies, "Yes! Email me. And send a photo."
I reply, "A photo?"
He says, "yeah – you sound cute!"
Apparently I sound not only cute, but straight. How disappointing.
I didn’t hire him.
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