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Trick or Treat?

February 23, 2015 Leave a comment

My wife and I went to see ‘Cannibal, the musical’ on Yonge Street Saturday afternoon. Then we had a drink and a snack at a nearby pub.

Just before we were ready to leave, my wife made a quick trip to the ladies room.

Apparently, she entered a stall and just before she sat down, she noticed a $10 bill floating in the toilet. The toilet was clean, nothing in it but water and $10. Her first thought was, ‘Am I on tv?’

So she struggled with what to do. Was it a prank or a test? Would she end up on YouTube? It was quite the conundrum.

What would you have done?


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Another Throwback Thursday…at Seventeen…

February 20, 2014 Leave a comment

This one was taken only 2 years after the last one. Hard to believe, I know.

Even while girly I had sports injuries.

Even while girly I had sports injuries.

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Time for Throwback Thursday

February 13, 2014 2 comments

I haven’t participated in throwback thursday yet. Today I read another blog that did it and I thought, ‘why not?’

And then I looked at old photos, saw this one and said, ‘that’s why not’.

I was cool despite the 80s… or not.

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The Healing Powers of the Internet

January 15, 2014 Leave a comment

Sometimes, I like to Google search random things. Today, I Googled “I ate way too many chocolate covered almonds”. I love chocolate covered almonds and we got a big Costco bag of them for Christmas.

Today, I ate way too many of them (which is why I don’t buy them normally) and thought I’d see what the Google search coders thought of that.

The result was a story from 2011 about Sean Williams, a basketball player who ate so many chocolate covered almonds that he vomited during a basketball game. If you don’t believe me,

So in the end, I felt pretty good about myself. Yes, I ate a lot of almonds, but since I didn’t vomit, it obviously wasn’t too many.

I may even have more.

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Whiter shade of pale.

May 29, 2012 1 comment

I started getting white hair when I was 16. My family tends to premature grey for sure. I dyed my hair throughout my 20’s then stopped when I started cutting it really short in my 30’s.

At some point a couple of years ago, the ratio of brown hair to white hair was off resulting in a very washed out brown colour as opposed to a “salt and pepper” look. So I started dying it. Nothing fancy, just a solid brown. And since my hair is short and grows very quickly, it meant trying to dye it every couple of months.
Last month, I decided to have some fun and go crazy… well as crazy as a virgo engineer can get. I decided to dye it completely white. I figured it would grow out in two months if I didn’t like it. The wife was ok with this plan although my mother was a bit skeptical.  As I have a conference next week, I figured I would dye it after that. But as I haven’t had a haircut in a long time (refer to photo), I had to at least cut it before the conference.
So today I had it cut. She cut off maybe three-four months of growth, which means all the dyed colour is out and my natural colour is in.

Apparently, I do not have to dye it white.

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Things I learned this past week

February 5, 2012 2 comments

I was scheduled for a laparoscopy last Friday to have a look and see what the status of my endometrosis is. I had been having increasingly more pain over the last few years and had exhausted all non-surgical avenues. The surgery was scheduled for Friday and I’d be back at work on Monday.

Unfortunately, the endo was so bad, the doc decided to cut me up abdominally and work it out that way. Simple 1hr surgery became a longer 3hr one. Recovery time: 4-6 weeks.

But every challenge in life brings on new opportunities to learn life lessons. Here is what I learned:

1. The nurses in the maternity ward (where they put cases like me) have bad pain management skills. Tylenol is not a pain killer people. That’s right – Tylenol. Not Tylenol3 or Extra Strength Tylenol, just plain Tylenol. Two pills every four hours. Which I do believe is the correct dosage for a large cat or small dog.

2. Drainage tube removal is not as sexy and exciting as it sounds. Mostly due to point 1 above.

3. The number of times the cats want to walk across my incision site is directly proportional to the amount of pain it will cause me. There has been a virtual parade of cats across my midsection since the surgery – the same cats who ignore me any other time.

4. Laughter is not the best medicine. In fact, it is the worst medicine after someone cuts into your stomach, second only to parading cats. Sneezing and coughing also suck.

5. Going into surgical menopause makes movies more dramatic. You can cry at horror movies oh yes you can. And I did.

6. You can fit a 5’10” wife into two chairs pushed together so she can sleep in your hospital room overnight. She isn’t very comfortable and she has to wake up every hour when the nurses come in to check on you, but she can fit… ok, she can’t fit, but she did it anyway. Poor thing.

So hopefully I’ve learned enough about surgery. Now I would like to learn more about say… the hazards of winning the lottery.

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Slasher flick of a different kind

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

And I forgot to add in my last post: as you know, I’ve been having issues finding a quality haircut that the wife approves of. I have a business meeting with clients tomorrow and haven’t had a haircut in a very long time. since today is a travel day and yesterday was a stat, I planned to get it cut Saturday. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

One of the ideas we toyed with was to get the wife to try cutting it. My mother, who can cut hair, gave her a quick tutorial in August (which I think was the last time it was cut). But yesterday would have been a bad day for the wife to try cutting my hair for the first time as there is no time to get it fixed anywhere before the meeting.

In the end, I asked her to just trim the scruff off the back of my neck so I didn’t look like I hadn’t had a haircut in two months.

At first she was scared. She very tentatively took stabs with the shaver. But then she got comfortable and she progressed to “just let me get this bit too”, “now let me get this bit over the ears”, and finally ending in her grabbing the scissors and actually cutting hair!

Thankfully, She didnt get too carried away. And she thinks she did a better job than the professionals.

I cannot confirm or deny this as it’s the back of my head. I’ll just have to take her word for it. The sides look fine so I’m sure the back is stellar as well. I just won’t turn my back to the other attendees.

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