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We have poltercats.

April 22, 2012 Leave a comment

When I was in the hospital in January, the wife bought me a pair of slippers. Since they were so soft and comfy, she bought herself a pair too. So we have four identical fuzzy bootie slippers. When I checked out of the hospital, we washed the icky hospital germs off and put them on the floor near the closet in the guest room.

In the days to follow, we noticed that a slipper would somehow migrate from the guest room to the hall or to our bedroom or downstairs. We didn’t know how the happened but suspected a cat.

Sure enough, one day we see Zeke standing on the slipper. He has it between his teeth and is kneading it with his back paws. He is so happy “dominating” the slipper that he is purring.

Mystery solved. Sort of.

Every day, one to three slippers migrate out of the closet into another room. One day we came home to find the slipper on our bed with Zekey sleeping on top of it (see photo). Somehow, he got the slipper on the bed. We don’t know how.

Fact is, we have never actually seen him carrying the slipper. It’s been three months of daily slipper migration and we’ve never seen how he moves it around. It’s some kind of kitty magic. Or The wife is playing a very elaborate joke on me.



The cat who cried wolf.

July 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Last week, the wife and I were watching tv and we heard a big bang upstairs. Knowing one of the cats had likely fallen off/fallen in/ knocked something over, we went up to find out what happened.

Nothing was out of place but we were missing a cat: Zeke.

<Aside: The wife recently discovered that “Zeke” is the short form for Ezekial” so now she calls him “Ezekial” but pronounces it “Easy Kill”. I love it!>

Anyway, we looked everywhere for the darned cat and couldn’t find him. We figured he must have locked himself in a closet or drawer somewhere. He wasn’t meowing but every once in a while we heard a pawing at a wall.

After about 10 minutes, the wife found him in the guest room closet. That closet is deeper than most closets and due to the current purging/staging going on in the house, it contains a couple stacks of file boxes, the wife’s bridesmaid dress and the massage table. The massage table is wide and in front of the boxes so there is a space behind it that is about 2 feet square. The dress is hanging down into that space but due to the two layers of crinoline and all the gathers (think puffy bride dress), it is literally squished in there to fill the entire space.

Turns out, Zekey jumped down into that space. When we go to pull him out, we realize he’s not only in the space, he’s in the dress. We grab the hanger and pull the dress out and Zeke comes with it.

Now we’ve got a pile of bridesmaid dress on the floor and the bulge of a 15lb cat in there. He’s not purring, meowing or moving. The wife starts to worry – maybe he got a thread or strap tangled around his little cat neck…

We try to get the cat out of the dress. We can’t find him. Is he under the crinoline? In the liner? We feel the lump but can’t feel fur anywhere.

Finally we grab scissors and cut him out of the dress.

When he’s free, he is none the worse for wear. In fact, I think he thought it was fun. (He likes to be balled up in sheets and will, in fact, jump onto any sheet we are folding so he gets folded up with the sheet.)

Sadly, the bridesmaid dress didn’t make it. One less thing to move, I guess. Maybe I should get the cat stuck in other things I don’t want to move…

I don’t have kids to talk about. I have cats.

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

First a quick note on my brother’s dog that I’ve been meaning to mention since Christmas.  He’s got a dog that is a cross of something and a poodle. I think I mentioned it in a previous blog. The dog is fairly large and spindly – mostly leg. They have taught the darn thing to run on the treadmill so that he can still get some exercise when it’s -40 degrees outside. (My brother lives in Alberta so it can get pretty cold.) I think that’s brilliant. They don’t even put the leash on him. They just put him on the treadmill and start ‘er up. He has a warm up, run and cool down. Brilliant. RY is still trying to train me that well… I still need a leash to get me to the treadmill.

As for our cats, Zeke and Riley, they have taken over the guest room. Originally it was just Zeke who would crawl up under the bedspread and sleep. You can walk by the guest room and all you see is a little lump under the bedspread. Well, maybe a big lump – Zekey is a big boy.

Then Riley began doing it too. So on any day you can walk by the guest room and see a Riley lump or a Zekey lump and sometimes you can even see a lump with both of them under there.

One day, I walked by and saw a lump with Riley sleeping on the top of the lump. The next day, I saw a lump with Zekey sleeping on top of the lump. It was getting bizarre.

Last night, I woke up at about 2am with severe back pain. I could hardly move. It took about half an hour to get pills from the ensuite bathroom. RY got up with me and we pondered what to do about the back. I decided to sleep in the guest room because the mattress is harder. I asked RY to come with me because I was a big sucky baby and needed her to sleep in my bed with me while I was in pain.

That really freaked out the cats. Apparently we were in their territory and they were not coping well with it.

The cats own the guest room. I apologize to our future guests.

Our cat is a faker.

July 2, 2010 Leave a comment
So we’ve been giving our seizure cat a half a pill, twice a day. We used to put the pill in a ‘pill pocket’ (treat) and she would eat the treat and therefore the pill. Eventually, she stopped eating the treat so we hid the treat in her normal food and watched until she ate it (which is hard when you have another cat – he inadvertently got a pill once). Then she stopped eating the treat that way.
The only option was to shove the pill down her poor little cat throat. We did the usual, throw it down and wait until she licked her lips before we let her go. Then we gave her the good, crunchy treats she loves that never contain pills hidden in them.
Today, we found three little half eaten pills on the floor. The little faker has been licking her lips to fool us into thinking she swallowed, but then she spit it out later when we weren’t looking.
It’s bad when your cat can outsmart you.

Quick Update

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment
The seizure kitten is a-ok. No seizures in weeks. Her blood test on the weekend indicates her liver is fine and her med level is fine. We aren’t even giving her the maximum dose. I think she’s lost some weight but she’s sprightly and happy and plays a lot of fetch. We are usually woken up in the middle of the night by a meow only to find her on our bed with the paper ball, waiting for us to throw it for her.
The other kitten is also fine. He never had a problem but I don’t want all the attention to go to seizure kitten.
I just got back from a work trip to Mexico City where we have our Mexico office. It was my first time there. Weather was beautiful. A co-worker gave me a tour of downtown Mexico City, which was amazing. Beautiful architecture and a fabulous monument that was lit in purple to honour International Women’s Day. We also went to a square with mariachi bands, many many mariachi bands. In fact, there were more musicians there in mariachi costuming than in regular clothing. And it was only Thursday night.
I tried many new foods/drinks: cactus (lots of fibre), rice milk (very nice), and a drink that was essentially a bloody mary but with beer instead of vodka (also very nice). My tummy has been upset ever since but I weighed myself this morning and I haven’t lost any weight. I’m not sure how that’s possible simply due to a mass equation that says more is coming out than going in so I must be losing weight. Or maybe I was just fatter than I thought when I started.
Fit by 40 is going well. RY is working out like a mad woman for the wedding so I work out too. Not with her dedication, but my cardio has definitely improved. I can do more on the treadmill or elliptical than ever (although still not as much as RY).
And now teh woman is home so I’m signing off. I will update next time something exciting happens. 🙂

She’s getting much better thank you.

March 3, 2010 Leave a comment
Our little seizure kitten is much better now. She’s on medication we have to give her twice daily. We hide it in a "pill pocket" so she doesn’t even realize we’re medicating her. She just thinks she’s getting a treat. It’s such a good trick that I suspect RY’s been slipping me something in my chocolate chip cookies. I just think I’m getting a treat but who knows what’s in there…
Anyway, she’s having episodes about once a day and the vet says it will take about 2 weeks to go away completely. She has developed some strange behaviours though – she’s meowing for no reason at lot and although she would play fetch with a paper ball before the seizures, now she is obsessed. It’s cute, but not at 2am.
Thanks for all your healthy thoughts and special thanks to Co-Worker A who did research for us and sent us tips.

It brought my brain age to 58.

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment
My kitten, Riley, is sick. She started having seizures on Thursday night. We’ve been to our normal vet and to the emergency vet. They did some tests and ruled out a lot of nasty things. It’s pretty much down to epilepsy or some kind of brain trauma. We would have to pay $2600 for an MRI to see her brain and there is no way to diagnose epilepsy except by ruling everything else out. We’ve decided to treat for epilepsy, which involves pills and we have the option to administer valium if we think she needs a rest from the seizures.
Originally, the seizures were about an hour apart. After a day of medicine, she was down to one very three-four hours. Last night they went to every two hours and now in the daylight we are waiting to see if they slow down again.
RY and I haven’t had much sleep since Thursday. I was up last night rocking her so she could see out the window. She’s not normally a cat who likes to be held so the fact that she’s wanting to be held is a bit strange. She’s sleeping beside me right now. RY is sleeping upstairs – a very well earned sleep.
I keep looking at the clock, willing it to advance so that Riley’s seizures are further apart every time and we can have more hope that she’s getting better.
I don’t know how people watch their children suffer through illness. It’s very hard.
Send some healthy thoughts to my kitten please. 🙂