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Why I’m having a beer on a Monday night.

June 13, 2016 1 comment


I am sad. For many reasons, but I will tell you the underlying theme.

As you’re likely aware, too many people were gunned down in Orlando. In this case, it was members of the gay community. And that’s deplorable. It’s actually something that I fear happening when I’m in the gay community although I normally envision a bomb, not a shooter.

But that’s not the only reason I’m sad.

There are always deaths. There are always murderous nut cases that create similar scenes. The Montreal Massacre, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Paris, Beirut, the Boston Marathon, and let’s put the mother of all oppressive killing sprees, the Holocaust, in here too. I’m barely scraping the surface.

Whether it’s terrorism, bad gun laws, misogyny, racism, this-ism, that-ism, it’s someone taking extreme measures and ultimately thinking it’s worth their own life to mow down the perceived usurpers of their entitlement.

The aftermath is the worst part. Because in the advent of Orlando, there are the ‘righteous’ few actually videotaping themselves telling the world that it was a good thing – yay for ridding the world of the pedophiles, the deviants, the sodomites! And some who are ok with the gays jump on the anti-Islam train and curse the non-christian ‘other’! There’s always someone to hate. And these members of oppressive, unenlightened society are becoming so confident in their bigotry that they are loudly banding together to express their hate – one is poised to become president of the United States, and sadly, he’s not the worst one out there.

This is soul crushing. Not because I’m gay but because I’m human. You are too. We are the same. Only I am sad and you are angry.