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April showers bring hospitals, sperm tanks and firemen.

In light of my family history with bad hearts, my doctor decided to send me for an echocardiogram (ultrasound) and stress test. I have had no symptoms but she thought it would be good to do and give my mother peace of mind.

On Tuesday, I went for these tests. They did the echo which seemed to reveal a clot in my heart. They cancelled the stress test and sent me back to my doctor. She consulted the cardiologist down the hall who said he found it doubtful that they would be able to see a clot in the poor resolution of the echocardiogram and he would be happy to take me same day and redo the test. So the wife and I wandered down the hall to see him. He had gone for the day.

The wife, being ever vigilant, insisted I get this test result confirmed or denied that same day so we wandered off to the hospital. I was in the hospital for two days getting tested and re-tested. Subsequent ECGs, X-Rays, CT scans and blood tests all came up negative. They repeated the echocardiogram and it did indeed confirm the first test was wrong. I was completely fine. Phew.

Unfortunately, while I was getting my first echocardiogram, the wife was at the fertility clinic getting her hCG shot to trigger her ovulation. We had brought the tank home the day before so we would be ready to insert when she ovulated. Giving her the hCG shot meant that she would ovulate within 24-36hrs. We needed to do the first insemination Wednesday and the next one on Thursday. I was in the hospital at that time. This is not really a task you can call in a buddy to do for you. Feed my cats, yes. Inseminate my wife, no.

This meant that we had to do it in my semi-private room with a family of five chatting away on the other side of the curtain. Romantic. Thankfully, the wife has a sense of humour.

After all this excitement, we were looking forward to sleeping in our own bed again. Sleeping in a semi-private room is not easy, especially for the wife who was sleeping in a chair for two nights in a row. We were exhausted. We got home. We went to bed.

At 4am the beeping started.

We checked the alarm panel and called the monitoring company. No issues there. The alarm guy suggested a battery in our smoke detector. Can’t be that as it’s hardwired into the electrical. We check it anyway. The beeping does seem to be coming from the smoke detector. But there’s no battery to replace.

We call the fire department for guidance and they say they’ll send someone right over. Five minutes later we had three burly firemen in our house. Where were they on insemination day?

Anyway, it turns out my CO detector was telling me it was ready to be replaced by a new one. Why it couldn’t tell me that at 2pm instead of 4am is beyond me.

The firemen were really nice though. Very cheerful for that time of the morning. But bringing the big fire truck was overkill.

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