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We have poltercats.

When I was in the hospital in January, the wife bought me a pair of slippers. Since they were so soft and comfy, she bought herself a pair too. So we have four identical fuzzy bootie slippers. When I checked out of the hospital, we washed the icky hospital germs off and put them on the floor near the closet in the guest room.

In the days to follow, we noticed that a slipper would somehow migrate from the guest room to the hall or to our bedroom or downstairs. We didn’t know how the happened but suspected a cat.

Sure enough, one day we see Zeke standing on the slipper. He has it between his teeth and is kneading it with his back paws. He is so happy “dominating” the slipper that he is purring.

Mystery solved. Sort of.

Every day, one to three slippers migrate out of the closet into another room. One day we came home to find the slipper on our bed with Zekey sleeping on top of it (see photo). Somehow, he got the slipper on the bed. We don’t know how.

Fact is, we have never actually seen him carrying the slipper. It’s been three months of daily slipper migration and we’ve never seen how he moves it around. It’s some kind of kitty magic. Or The wife is playing a very elaborate joke on me.


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