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Three blogs and a toilet.

Toilet (aka “Thank goodness I work in waste water”):

My wife is a manager and therefore on call for her work. The other night, she got a call because her staff flushed the keys down the toilet. This meant that my wife spent the next day getting keys cut and changing locks.

About halfway through the day, I thought, “Holy Crap!” – no pun intended –  “That could really cause some plumbing issues.” I emailed RY and told her to call a plumber, which she did. He came and snaked the drain the next day.

If I hadn’t worked in the waste water industry, I wouldn’t have received the tweet about wet wipes being a problem in the toilet, made the connection that if wet wipes are bad so keys must be worse and therefore would not have averted this near disaster.

Of course, common sense would likely have kicked in too…. I hope…

Groceries (aka “My wife is getting freakier):

As you may recall from a previous post, my wife has the uncanny gift of predicting what our groceries will cost. Last week, she gave me $100 and said, “this is for my half of the groceries tomorrow”. The next day we went shopping and sure enough, the total was $194. So she didn’t even see ANY of the groceries, and no, that is not the usual cost of our groceries.

Sadly, she cannot pick 649 numbers.

Weight of the World (aka “Kajiji buyers suck”):

As part of the purging process, I am getting rid of my Weider home gym. I posted it on Kajiji with a price and photo. It is currently disassembled in my basement and I would like to get it out.

I received three inquiries (all by email as that is how Kajiji works). The most verbose of the three inquiries said “is it still avalble”? I replied to all three. One replied back at 1:28am asking when would be a good time to pick it up. I replied/he replied. He never came.

Another gentleman emailed at 11:06pm and I replied back the next morning at 8am. He replied saying I was too late and he got one elsewhere. Really? At midnight? Is there a 24hr Sport Chek I’m unaware of? And he emailed me on the holiday Monday!

In total, I have had four people agree on price then not make arrangements to come get it.

I’m wondering if that is the problem with the sperm we’re getting – they agree to the price, but just aren’t showing up at the meeting location.

Pipeline Pillow Talk (aka “How will I read Dr Seuss to my baby?”):

I read to RY before bed as it helps her fall asleep and I can get some reading in. Unfortunately, the first book I ever read to her was “Story of O”. Now, no matter what I read to her, she swears it sounds like erotica.

Normally, I wouldn’t think about it too much but I just discovered that I will be presenting a work industry paper during an on-line conference. This means that I will submit a PowerPoint presentation with recorded audio of me reading the paper…

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