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The cat who cried wolf.

Last week, the wife and I were watching tv and we heard a big bang upstairs. Knowing one of the cats had likely fallen off/fallen in/ knocked something over, we went up to find out what happened.

Nothing was out of place but we were missing a cat: Zeke.

<Aside: The wife recently discovered that “Zeke” is the short form for Ezekial” so now she calls him “Ezekial” but pronounces it “Easy Kill”. I love it!>

Anyway, we looked everywhere for the darned cat and couldn’t find him. We figured he must have locked himself in a closet or drawer somewhere. He wasn’t meowing but every once in a while we heard a pawing at a wall.

After about 10 minutes, the wife found him in the guest room closet. That closet is deeper than most closets and due to the current purging/staging going on in the house, it contains a couple stacks of file boxes, the wife’s bridesmaid dress and the massage table. The massage table is wide and in front of the boxes so there is a space behind it that is about 2 feet square. The dress is hanging down into that space but due to the two layers of crinoline and all the gathers (think puffy bride dress), it is literally squished in there to fill the entire space.

Turns out, Zekey jumped down into that space. When we go to pull him out, we realize he’s not only in the space, he’s in the dress. We grab the hanger and pull the dress out and Zeke comes with it.

Now we’ve got a pile of bridesmaid dress on the floor and the bulge of a 15lb cat in there. He’s not purring, meowing or moving. The wife starts to worry – maybe he got a thread or strap tangled around his little cat neck…

We try to get the cat out of the dress. We can’t find him. Is he under the crinoline? In the liner? We feel the lump but can’t feel fur anywhere.

Finally we grab scissors and cut him out of the dress.

When he’s free, he is none the worse for wear. In fact, I think he thought it was fun. (He likes to be balled up in sheets and will, in fact, jump onto any sheet we are folding so he gets folded up with the sheet.)

Sadly, the bridesmaid dress didn’t make it. One less thing to move, I guess. Maybe I should get the cat stuck in other things I don’t want to move…

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