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Hope springs eternal

When we started this baby-making process, we knew that although there were no fertility issues, there was less than a 20% chance the insemination would take on the first attempt. We had hope that it would be successful, but were trying not to be too hopeful – after all – 80% chance it wouldn’t work. It’s all about managing expectations.

On the day before insemination, the clinic was very excited about the wife’s two follicles. We were very hopeful that this was a good sign. We later learned that for artificially induced ovulation, that is not very many. Other people on the forums had six or seven! (But most of them also ended up with multiple births.)

On the first day of the insemination, her follicles had grown a bit and everything was happening according to schedule and the nurse was smiling and injecting and we had hope.

On the second day of insemination, we learned she hadn’t ovulated yet. We lost some hope. The clinic said not to worry as the sperm will last 24-48 hrs and sometimes even up to 72 hrs! They said she will likely ovulate the next day and everything will be fine! We later learned, that frozen/thawed sperm only last 24 hrs. Raw sperm, however, can last for 5 days! (Liquoring up the wife and sending her to a frat house is sounding better all the time…)

On the Monday, the wife felt like she ovulated. That was three days after the second insemination. We lost hope. The wife then read that the HcG shot forces ovulation within 48hrs. No exceptions. We gained hope.

On the following Monday, I learned that Dollarama sells HPTs (home pregnancy tests) for $1.25 and that they are as effective as $10 pharmacy tests. So I bought her 15 to play with. The first one was negative, which we expected. So was the second and the third and the fourth and the fifth… but on the fifth one, there was a bit of a line that then disappeared. That was hopeful, but not too hopeful. And it was early anyway. HPTs don’t generally work until after when you would normally have had your period anyway. But it’s fun. So hopeful.

On Wednesday, her period started… sort of. She was spotting. We lost hope. But then we learned about implantation bleeding. Hope!

By this (Friday) morning, she was having her full blown period. We resigned ourselves to the fact she wasn’t pregnant and we’d have to do this again in July. But she still didn’t drink any alcohol or take medication for her menstruation cramps. Just in case. Mini hope.

Today was also the day we had to go to the clinic for the blood test to see if she’s pregnant or not. We figured it was just a legality for the clinic’s satisfaction before they start her on another round of hormones for the second attempt.  We had lost hope. When we spoke to the nurse, she said that there was still hope and to wait until we got the results from the blood test. The wife was in full blown menstruation and the clinic still had hope that she was pregnant!!!!! We had no hope but we humoured them.

They called later in the day to tell us the test was negative. We felt bad for them. They really thought she may be pregnant.


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