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The 3-hr dinner.

Yesterday the wife and I took the day off (technically she took the week off and I just took Friday). We spent the day running errands and on the way home I suggested we pick up a little $20 Hibachi-type charcoal bbq and a couple of steaks and have us a bbq. We figured it would be a nice evening dinner with very little effort or cost because:

  • We had a Home Hardware gift card that would cover most of the bbq cost.
  • We had charcoal briquettes from when were trying to get the smell of cat/dog out of the guest room.

We just needed some lighter fluid and a couple steaks and we’d be having a nice meal on a fine Friday evening.

Well, Home Hardware did not have a little charcoal bbq with lid and the nasty one they did have was $35. So we decided to see what WalMart had since we needed to go there for other things anyway.

Aside: We do not generally support WalMart as the wife has informed me that it is oppressive, but sometimes you just have to get it at WalMart. Our apologies.

Anyway, we picked up a little bbq for $22. Then the wife decided we needed a scraper to clean the grill and a lighter… and an In Touch magazine… $35

We got home about 5:30 and I proceeded to unbox the bbq. It had over 100 parts and three pages of instructions.

The wife started making baby potatoes and skewers of peppers while I assembled the darn thing. It took over an hour (counting the break I had to take to tie the wife into the corset she was trying on for the Pimps ‘n Ho’s party we are attending tonight).

Then I lit the briquettes and waited for them to turn. Well, I overshot the time needed to get the coals going and the bbq was losing heat by the time I put the steaks on. This actually worked out well. They were pretty thick and the wife does not like her meat bloody so having less heat worked in our favour. I’m pretending this mistake was not a mistake but was an actual plan to accommodate the thickness of the meat. Accidental brilliance is still brilliance 🙂

The steaks were perfectly done as were the peppers. Granted, it was now 8:30 and we had already eaten the potatoes and corn an hour earlier.

Some day I swear, we will have a nice meal where all the food is served at the same time. I’m sure we’ll have more time to figure it out when the baby comes.

  1. rebecca
    June 25, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    you had to make a comment about the corset! lol. not really relevant to the story 😉

  2. Jenn
    June 25, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    You’ll have LOADS of time for romantic dinners and lingering conversations and shopping promenades once the baby comes. You won’t believe how much more free time you will have. You’ll look back on last night’s dinner and wonder how you ever had time to eat at all.

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