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The boys have a nice toilet with two-level flushing.

I am currently working for the same company I used to work for in Edmonton 12 years ago, only now I am working in their “Toronto” office. I fly to Edmonton a few times a year to hang out in the head office with the other staff.

The Edmonton office is a two-story building with a bunch of offices, a boardroom, shop, electronics lab, kitchen and a couple of bathrooms per gender. The bathrooms are single person bathrooms (yesterday the women’s restroom was in use when I was taking a quick break from a meeting so I used the men’s).

When I first came back to Edmonton in October, I was predominantly using the restroom by the boardroom as that was the one closest to where I was working. Then one day, I used the restroom under the stairs. Upon taking a seat I was immediately taken back to 1998 when I first started working there: the toilet seat is wooden and has a crack in it. When you sit down, the crack first widens a bit, then squeezes together pinching your tender butt. I had totally forgotten about that seat until that moment. But it all came back very quickly to my butt.

Afterwards, I approached the ladies in the reception area and said, “still haven’t fixed that toilet seat?” And they all laughed because every woman in that office has had her butt pinched by that seat. I said I would mail them a new seat for Christmas but never got around to it.

I am in Edmonton this week and had to use that restroom again. I noticed there was a new plastic seat on it. No crack, no pinch. (And no, I’m not going to make a joke about butt cracks…) Now the only problem is that it’s white while the toilet itself is harvest gold.

I am on a mission to find a harvest gold toilet seat. Surely some retro bathroom store will have one.

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