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A Virgo’s dream…

We have been looking at houses for the last couple of months and feel we are getting close to finding that priceless gem, that show-stopper of a property (do I sound like I’ve been reading a lot of listings?).

Our realtor has told us to start staging our home so that when our offer finally gets accepted, we are ready to list it. This means purging…. mmmm purging….

On the long weekend, the wife and I staged our bedroom (except for the pretty linens that will go on after we list), the guest room (which is now a ‘reading’ room) and the living room. All the crap was either thrown out, donated to Value Village or moved to the basement. Still to be done: my office (which is my scrapbooking desk and work desk) and the basement. I’ve been working on my office while I work but the basement will take a full day or possibly a weekend.

The wife is happy we’re moving to a ‘non-tunnel’ house. I am happy we are purging and organizing. The cats are happy because they have boxes to play in/on. How much happier could we be?

Now I have to go hide my Resident Evil 4 wii game so the wife doesn’t ‘accidentally’ purge it… that would make me terribly unhappy.

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  1. Allison
    May 31, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    “the cats are happy because they have boxes to play in/on” hahaha i know exactly what you mean, everytime i try to pack a box it ends up with a cat or two in it.

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