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Who’s your daddy?

We are looking to impregnate the wife. It’s an insane process.

It started with a whole whack of tests. Some were covered by OHIP, some were not. After all these tests, it turns out she’s totally healthy and fertile and is literally jam packed full of little eggs ready to be mini people.

Then came the donor catalogue viewing. I think I’ve spent over 30 hours looking at profiles to find someone smart, healthy and with looks that compliment the wife’s. This is much harder than it seems. It is a process of choosing your baby daddy without the love component. And there are less than 300 donors in North America to choose from (only 0.5% of the candidates who apply to donate sperm actually donate).

We also decided we wanted a Canadian donor over a U.S. donor as the medical histories in Canada are supported by medical records, while the U.S. donors complete a history and no one confirms it. This meant the number of donors dropped to less than 50.

It was getting to the point where I was walking down the street looking at every guy as a potential donor, not unlike a hungry Fred Flinstone picturing people as drumsticks and cheeseburgers. I was on the verge of getting the wife drunk and dropping her off in the nearest frat house.

But last week we finally selected the donor. He’s a lot like me: Ukranian, engineer, quiet, no singing ability. 🙂

All that’s left is the conception process. We are currently debating when the best time to conceive and therefore give birth is. I think the best time for birthing is when I’ve lost 80 lbs and gotten a good night’s rest so that would be 6 years from now.

Wish us luck.

PS: I have started a blog for my company with professional links and commentary as part of our Marketing plan. It’s been up for about two weeks and I think I have more visits to that blog than I do to my personal blog. Very sad as it’s all work related and doesn’t mention lesbians or kittens. I think it may have something to do with the fact I post fun things on Friday. This past Friday was a pipeline game. So I’m posting it here too to see if it affects my number of visits: Pipeline Game. Enjoy.

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