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Stupid is as stupid does.

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

When I bought this house about 7 years ago, it had a garage. There was only one door into the garage (the one you drive your car through) and that door was opened manually by lifting it up.

That was terribly inconvenient so I installed a Sears Craftsman automatic garage door opener. Well, I didn’t – I got a friend from work to do it. He’s very handy.

To open/close this door I had two wireless remotes (one left in the house and one left in my car) and a doorbell type switch wired from the motor and placed inside the garage near the door so I could push it while walking out of the garage and the door would close behind me.

When the wife moved in, her SUV was too big for my garage so we didn’t need to worry about changing the garage door process.

Last week, the wife got a new car – a 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer GT. It fits in the garage and therefore needs a remote.

So I went to Canadian Tire and purchased a universal remote that I could program to my motor and – ta da! – everything would be perfect.

Sadly, while programming the new remote, I followed the instructions on the remote (not the motor) and in doing so, erased the existing remotes. And the new remote didn’t work either.  I went into the house to get the instructions for the motor and of course, closed the garage door behind me using the switch on the wall. Bad idea.

The door closed. I was outside with three remotes that didn’t work. My car was inside. There was no way to open that door.

I called my dad who told me I was pooched. I called a friend’s handy husband who also told me I was pooched. I called Sears who was charging $100 to send someone over 6 days later to determine whether or not I was pooched.

Thankfully, a friend’s handy husband has a friend who used to install garage door openers. He came to my house, drilled a hole in the door, fished the rope pull release so we could manually open the door, then installed a “garage door safety release” so this wouldn’t happen again. And then he programmed all three remotes. I love him. I’ve suggested to the wife we use his sperm for the baby.

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