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I think this happens to everyone but Jenn.

When I was about 8 or 9, I read a book called “Hunter in the Dark” (I think). It was about a guy who is diagnosed with leukemia, or diabetes or a hangnail or something and he takes off into the wilderness where he survives on pocket lint and a sugar packet.

I remember reading that and thinking, “I totally want to be lost out in the wilderness and survive on my own with minimal supplies”. This fantasy was further supported by my brownie (or girl guide?) training that showed me how to make a “survival kit” that fit in a Sucrets tin. I had the tools to survive!

The problem was that I lived in suburbia and would need a ride to get to wilderness.

Somewhere along my life, I lost my desire to survive in the wilderness. I now want a 5-star hotel with a shower, soft bed and internet connection. In a pinch, I could do without the internet connection.

It’s kind of sad that I’ve lost my sense of advenure but then again, I suppose I will never the subject of  Jon Krakauer book.

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