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I don’t have kids to talk about. I have cats.

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

First a quick note on my brother’s dog that I’ve been meaning to mention since Christmas.  He’s got a dog that is a cross of something and a poodle. I think I mentioned it in a previous blog. The dog is fairly large and spindly – mostly leg. They have taught the darn thing to run on the treadmill so that he can still get some exercise when it’s -40 degrees outside. (My brother lives in Alberta so it can get pretty cold.) I think that’s brilliant. They don’t even put the leash on him. They just put him on the treadmill and start ‘er up. He has a warm up, run and cool down. Brilliant. RY is still trying to train me that well… I still need a leash to get me to the treadmill.

As for our cats, Zeke and Riley, they have taken over the guest room. Originally it was just Zeke who would crawl up under the bedspread and sleep. You can walk by the guest room and all you see is a little lump under the bedspread. Well, maybe a big lump – Zekey is a big boy.

Then Riley began doing it too. So on any day you can walk by the guest room and see a Riley lump or a Zekey lump and sometimes you can even see a lump with both of them under there.

One day, I walked by and saw a lump with Riley sleeping on the top of the lump. The next day, I saw a lump with Zekey sleeping on top of the lump. It was getting bizarre.

Last night, I woke up at about 2am with severe back pain. I could hardly move. It took about half an hour to get pills from the ensuite bathroom. RY got up with me and we pondered what to do about the back. I decided to sleep in the guest room because the mattress is harder. I asked RY to come with me because I was a big sucky baby and needed her to sleep in my bed with me while I was in pain.

That really freaked out the cats. Apparently we were in their territory and they were not coping well with it.

The cats own the guest room. I apologize to our future guests.