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Does this mean I’m pregnant?

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment


Thursday morning I woke up with severe back pain. I haven’t had severe back pain since I dated the DS and she made me lift heavy things every time she moved, which was every other month I think… Anyway, I had back pain and went into work. After sitting at my desk for a few hours and experiencing significant pain, I decided to go home. It took about ten minutes to sit down in my car and then another ten minutes to get out. I was in so much pain, I didn’t even go get the mail, which for me is very unusual now because I love going to see the RSVP cards in there.

Friday I stayed home from work. Sitting, lying down, standing, walking. It all hurt. It’s very sad because I was mentally very alert. It’s a pain being mentally alert but physically immobile. I didn’t even play Resident Evil 4 so you know it was bad.

To make me feel better, RY decided to bake chocolate chip cookies for me. This meant making a special trip to the grocery store because we didn’t have any cookie fixings in the house. While at the grocery store, she decided I may also want some ice cream sandwiches and skor ice cream drumsticks. (And yes, although I’m working out at the gym like a nut, these ice cream feedings are not helping me get closer to my fit by forty goals… lol)

At the checkout, the cashier giggles and says to RY, “I remember this phase – how far along are you? you don’t look pregnant…”

No she doesn’t look pregnant at all. Sadly, I look like I’m about five months along…

PS: Saw the dr today who said it is likely a slipped disc. He recommended a harder mattress. My parents’ guest room has a hard mattress and when I slept on it last Christmas, I had back pain too. Not this severe though. I hate back pain. I like being able to put my own socks on although I have to admit, it’s kind of fun having RY do it…