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Our cat is a faker.

So we’ve been giving our seizure cat a half a pill, twice a day. We used to put the pill in a ‘pill pocket’ (treat) and she would eat the treat and therefore the pill. Eventually, she stopped eating the treat so we hid the treat in her normal food and watched until she ate it (which is hard when you have another cat – he inadvertently got a pill once). Then she stopped eating the treat that way.
The only option was to shove the pill down her poor little cat throat. We did the usual, throw it down and wait until she licked her lips before we let her go. Then we gave her the good, crunchy treats she loves that never contain pills hidden in them.
Today, we found three little half eaten pills on the floor. The little faker has been licking her lips to fool us into thinking she swallowed, but then she spit it out later when we weren’t looking.
It’s bad when your cat can outsmart you.
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