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Wedding update

I’ve been asked for new blogs and for wedding updates so here is both:

DAY 1: Hour 1 – RY wants big wedding.

DAY 1: Hour 5 – RY and I spend 5 hrs looking at venues online. RY decides to go for destination wedding

DAY 1: Hour 5.5 – RY’s BFF says no to destination wedding. We look at more venues and email for appts.

DAY 3: We visit venue #1. We love it. RY’s mom hates it as it was a church and the host is a snob. We look at more venues

DAY 4: Hour 12. I design invitations. RY does not like.

DAY 4: Hour 14. RY likes invitations.

DAY 4: Hour 16. RY’s mother does not like invitations.

DAY 5: Hour 4. Visit venue #2 near my workplace. RY’s mom loves. RY hates. I shows RY’s parents my workplace and office. RY’s mother loves and suggests having wedding there.

DAY 5: Hour 5. RY and I decide to elope and buy house.

DAY 6: RY decides to try two more venues.

DAY 6: Venue booked. Everyone happy. Now looking for hotel.

DAY 6 –later: Bridal party increases to 10.

DAY 7: Hotel tries to screw us over. RY finds new hotel. Also DJ is contacted.

DAY 7 – later: Bridal party increases to 15.

DAY 8: DJ tries to screw us over. RY finds new DJ.

DAY 8 – later: Bridal party increases to 35.

DAY 9: New hotel difficult but not screwy. Since it’s a free room for bride and groom, we sign contract and celebrate by increasing the bridal party to 74.

DAY 10: New DJ tries to screw us over. RY threatens to bring the bridal party over to harrass him. DJ gives us 33% discount.

DAY 10 – later: Bridal party reaches critical mass and implodes. Bridal party back to 13.

DAY 11: We buy invitation supplies from Michael’s and professional advice for design.

DAY 12: We visit craft place to get a stamp made for invitations and end up getting them to print our invitations on their paper.

DAY 13: We return original supplies to Michael’s but I buy scrapbooking supplies 🙂

DAY 14: RY starts trying on dresses.

DAY 15: We book photographer.

DAY 16-136: RY keeps trying on dresses. Herein starts infinite combination of RY liking, RY’s mother not liking, Various bridesmaids liking, RY not liking etc. I start drinking heavily about DAY 43.

DAY 137: RY buys dress. I go to rehab.

DAY 138: Engagement photos. We love our photographer 🙂

DAY 139: Search for bridesmaids dresses begins. I start drinking again.


And that’s the update to where we are now. Our current dilemma is trying to figure out how to get the cat smell out of our guest room before we have guests. RY is also looking for jewellery, we need a first dance song and we need to find somewhere for the rehearsal dinner, which will be hard because the rehearsal will be the same time as most company Christmas parties.


Other than that, we’re done… right?


  1. Jenn
    May 7, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    Charcoal will remove the cat smell. Just put a box of briquettes (the unfuelled ones) in the room for a few days and it should be good. It\’s amazing.And honestly, I just have to say, thank all the gods and goddesses I am wearing a tux.

  2. S
    May 10, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    holy – i hope that works. i\’ll definitely try it after reb\’s parents\’ dog moves out on thursday. we\’re watching him while they are at a conference. will it work on any smell or just cat?and will it work for layered smells? i kept walking past the guest room wondering why the bedspread was askew. i\’d fix it and later it would be askew again. not the whole thing, just a wee corner. then one day i\’m walking past the guest room and see a big lump under the bedspread in the middle of the bed. it\’s zeke. apparently he slithers up the bedspread on the end where it hangs over the mattress, then crawls to the middle of the bed and sleeps there. he\’s been doing it for weeks now. and then yesterday, reb calls me upstairs to tell me riley is doing it now too. two little lumps of cats under the bedspread. will charcoal get that out too?

  3. Jenn
    May 12, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Well, the thing is, you have to wash everything anyway. The charcoal absorbs odours but if the source of the odour still exists, it won\’t cure that. So, you will have to clean your carpet, your bedspread, whatever, but after that the charcoal will absorb any lingering odours. For odours where the source can\’t be found, you have to leave charcoal in there indefinitely. That\’s what we had to do with our pantry cupboard in SK. I don\’t know where the smell was coming from (the glue, the wood, something else) but as long as we left a kleenex box with a few briquettes in there, there was no odour. When we removed the box, the smell was back within a few days.

  4. S
    May 12, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    ok – if the charcoal doesn\’t work for getting out the cat smell, we\’ll just buy a hibachi.

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