I need a 12 step plan.

In September, my doctor told me to stop drinking caffeine. There are a lot of beverages that I enjoy that have caffeine: coffee, Starbuck’s chai latte, Canada Dry green tea ginger ale, Diet Coke. I was not even allowed to drink decaf as there is residual caffeine.
About a month ago, the doctor asked me to try changing my diet again: avoid caffeine, citrus, aspartame, carbonation, alcohol, spicy foods (it’s an interstitial cystitis diet – I don’t have that, but we thought we’d try the diet). Avoiding citrus has actually helped significantly so I started reintroducing caffeine. I still can’t handle a lot of caffeine, but I can have a daily decaf and occasionally sip RY’s fully caffeinated beverage.
I thought I was coping with my limited caffeine diet until I was at the immigration office at Pearson Airport last week. I just got a new passport and had to update my TN Visa and Nexus card information. I stood before the immigration officer answering questions and signing things and I looked down to see that he had a coffee stain on his blotter… a nice creamy coffee coloured coffee stain. From that point on, all I could think of was "I REALLY NEED A COFFEE". Honestly – I am not joking. I would have licked that blotter if I could reach it.
I’m an addict.
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