Quick Update

The seizure kitten is a-ok. No seizures in weeks. Her blood test on the weekend indicates her liver is fine and her med level is fine. We aren’t even giving her the maximum dose. I think she’s lost some weight but she’s sprightly and happy and plays a lot of fetch. We are usually woken up in the middle of the night by a meow only to find her on our bed with the paper ball, waiting for us to throw it for her.
The other kitten is also fine. He never had a problem but I don’t want all the attention to go to seizure kitten.
I just got back from a work trip to Mexico City where we have our Mexico office. It was my first time there. Weather was beautiful. A co-worker gave me a tour of downtown Mexico City, which was amazing. Beautiful architecture and a fabulous monument that was lit in purple to honour International Women’s Day. We also went to a square with mariachi bands, many many mariachi bands. In fact, there were more musicians there in mariachi costuming than in regular clothing. And it was only Thursday night.
I tried many new foods/drinks: cactus (lots of fibre), rice milk (very nice), and a drink that was essentially a bloody mary but with beer instead of vodka (also very nice). My tummy has been upset ever since but I weighed myself this morning and I haven’t lost any weight. I’m not sure how that’s possible simply due to a mass equation that says more is coming out than going in so I must be losing weight. Or maybe I was just fatter than I thought when I started.
Fit by 40 is going well. RY is working out like a mad woman for the wedding so I work out too. Not with her dedication, but my cardio has definitely improved. I can do more on the treadmill or elliptical than ever (although still not as much as RY).
And now teh woman is home so I’m signing off. I will update next time something exciting happens. 🙂
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