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She’s getting much better thank you.

Our little seizure kitten is much better now. She’s on medication we have to give her twice daily. We hide it in a "pill pocket" so she doesn’t even realize we’re medicating her. She just thinks she’s getting a treat. It’s such a good trick that I suspect RY’s been slipping me something in my chocolate chip cookies. I just think I’m getting a treat but who knows what’s in there…
Anyway, she’s having episodes about once a day and the vet says it will take about 2 weeks to go away completely. She has developed some strange behaviours though – she’s meowing for no reason at lot and although she would play fetch with a paper ball before the seizures, now she is obsessed. It’s cute, but not at 2am.
Thanks for all your healthy thoughts and special thanks to Co-Worker A who did research for us and sent us tips.
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