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It brought my brain age to 58.

My kitten, Riley, is sick. She started having seizures on Thursday night. We’ve been to our normal vet and to the emergency vet. They did some tests and ruled out a lot of nasty things. It’s pretty much down to epilepsy or some kind of brain trauma. We would have to pay $2600 for an MRI to see her brain and there is no way to diagnose epilepsy except by ruling everything else out. We’ve decided to treat for epilepsy, which involves pills and we have the option to administer valium if we think she needs a rest from the seizures.
Originally, the seizures were about an hour apart. After a day of medicine, she was down to one very three-four hours. Last night they went to every two hours and now in the daylight we are waiting to see if they slow down again.
RY and I haven’t had much sleep since Thursday. I was up last night rocking her so she could see out the window. She’s not normally a cat who likes to be held so the fact that she’s wanting to be held is a bit strange. She’s sleeping beside me right now. RY is sleeping upstairs – a very well earned sleep.
I keep looking at the clock, willing it to advance so that Riley’s seizures are further apart every time and we can have more hope that she’s getting better.
I don’t know how people watch their children suffer through illness. It’s very hard.
Send some healthy thoughts to my kitten please. 🙂
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