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In metric countries, she’s an Olympian.

RY used to work out on the elliptical. She would do over an hour at level 10. She was a machine. Unfortunately, working out that hard gives her side pain. Recently, her doctor suggested she switch to a treadmill, so she did.
She has been frustrated by the treadmill as she cannot do ‘level 10’ and kick everyone else’s butt on it, and she is a competitor, let me tell you.
In order to improve, she has been researching online how to improve her running and asking everyone around her what level they run at and for how long. This has been discouraging her as she runs on level 4+ when warming up and then increases it to 5+ when in full run. The people she’s spoken to have been running at level 7+. She cannot understand how they can run that fast.
On the weekend, our crappy local women’s gym closed at 4pm and we had to go to the coed gym by work. They have newer machines. On these newer machines, RY could run at 8+. She was thrilled. She was beating everyone else.
Turns out, our women’s gym displays distance and speed in miles, while modern gyms display distance and speed in kilometres.
And that bug in the laundry room was a metre long!
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