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Ack! My worst nightmare!

As you may already know, I’m addicted to Resident Evil 4 on my wii. I have played it three full times and am starting my fourth. I fully expect to play once more after that.
For Valentine’s Day, RY got me a Nintendo DS Lite and a few games. One game is Brain Age. We got one for her dad for his birthday and we love it very much. I opened it up on Thursday and got my ‘brain age’. The best possible brain you can have is 20 years old. My brain age was 31.
Then I spent Friday night playing Resident Evil 4.
On Saturday morning my brain age was 38. Apparently, playing a zombie game makes you stupid. And here I thought I was training for when we were attacked by zombies.
Now I’m playing more Brain Age to get my brain power back. I’m down to 37 but I miss my RE4.
Maybe I’ll just be ok being a stupid zombie killer. The Dalai Lama said the secret to happiness is setting proper expectations.
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