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Why gambling is bad for you.

My mother got me and RY into online poker on Facebook. It’s playing with virtual money so although I’m up to $20k, I’m not actually making any money.
Two weekends ago, RY and I decided to spend Sunday afternoon playing poker while making dinner. Dinner was to be a baked potato, steamed sweet potatoes and steak. RY also had a wine going and I was enjoying a beer.
As RY hadn’t baked a potato before and it had been a million years since I had, we asked my mother via the chat window (she was also playing poker) how long to cook it. Mom said "about an hour at 350". Remember, my mother is in dry, elevated Edmonton, while we are in moist, low Toronto. This makes a difference when you’re baking things. My mom can cook a turkey in 4 hours, RY’s mom takes 8 hours.
Also, RY wanted to try my George Foreman grill for the steaks. They were really thick steaks though (and still partially frozen) and I hadn’t cooked anything that thick on the grill yet so I wasn’t sure how that would work.
So throughout the afternoon, RY kept checking on the food and I would play her hand (we were both on our laptops on the couch, and no, we weren’t cheating – I’m virgo – you know better than that for asking) so that she wouldn’t time out and lose her seat.
This juggling of cooking and poker came to a head when RY figured the potatoes weren’t done (but for some reason, she refused to nuke them in the microwave) so she decided to cut them and fry them in our new pans that we got for xmas. And the steaks were done on the outside but not on the inside so she put them in tin foil in the oven to finish them off. This caused two things to happen simultaneously:
1. She had cut one of the steaks open so when I went to check if it was done, blood poured out onto the element, creating smoke that then set off the smoke detector. I start fanning furiously.
2. She forgot to take off this plastic thing on the handle of the new pan, which then melted to the burner in a pool of molten plastic, creating black toxic smoke.
The cats were pawing the door at this point, desperate for survival.
By the time we got it all under control, the potatoes were still not cooked and the steak was tough. The steamed sweet potatoes were delightful.
We both lost our seats at the poker game.
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