Where’s the beef?

RY made hamburgers for lunch yesterday. She made me two patties with cheese melted on them but I only ate one so she put the other one on a plate in the fridge with some tomatoes so that I could heat it up later in the day.

Later in the day, I walked into the kitchen and saw a plate with saran wrap and tomatoes on the counter. I assumed RY ate the burger as a little snack. I asked her. She replied that she had taken it out to heat up for me and then forgot about it. She asked if I ate the burger. I had not.

That leaves the two kittens. What did they do with it? We asked them but they aren’t saying.

We looked in their usual places for stashing their treasures but to no avail. There are no burger crumbs anywhere in the house. We can’t imagine they ate the whole thing. That’s a lot of food for two wee kittens. And they were their usual playful selves, no bloating. We even felt their tummies to see if there was unexplained masses in them. Nothing.

It’s a mystery.

Today, however, RY commented that one kitten’s coat is looking good and that the "Beauty" food must be working already. I think we have us some barnyard Alberta, beef-eating critters. Screw the "Beauty" food. A little hamburger makes everyone look good.

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