Two quick updates

1. Kitten food
Our kittens are eight months and our vet told us to start mixing their kitten food with adult food. So we went to the pet store where they sell our kitten food (exclusive brand because they have expensive tastes like their mother – RY ).
Although our brand has only one kitten food, they have several types of adult food. Our kittens aren’t fat and don’t need the ‘light’ version. They don’t vomit so they don’t need a special digestive version. Etc.
We asked the Royal Canin rep what she suggested. She said the regular "Adult" food would be fine. Then RY saw it…. "Royal Canin BEAUTY". Yup – it’s called "Beauty". For cats in need of beautiful fur. RY insisted we get the Beauty food because "why wouldn’t we want beautiful kittens?"
I am looking for a food for me called "Beauty" or at least "Studly".
2. Laundry
We are never caught up on laundry. As I write this, we have one full hamper to be washed. This is likely the least amount of laundry we’ve had dirty and waiting to be washed. Why are we so caught up? RY took two days off work this week. By my calculations, we will be totally caught up when she starts working 2 day weeks.
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