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I suppose it helps my “Fit for 40” goal.

On Thursday, RY, a friend and I were downtown. The friend lives on Jameson. We walked across the bridge to the Waterfront path for a leisurely stroll.
After about 40 minutes, RY recalled that there was a suspension bridge nearby that she had wanted to walk across but she couldn’t remember exactly where it was. So we walked. And walked. And walked.
We found it after walking for about 1.5 – 2 hours. (Can’t remember exactly as it was a haze.) It was a hot muggy Toronto night. I was covered with smog sweat that clogged my pours and bugs that tend to stick to the smog sweat. My pants were a bit baggy and I was chaffing in the thigh. Ew ew ew.
Have you ever read Stephen King’s "The Long Walk"?
Halfway back to the car, RY’s feet were blistered. We changed shoes. She wore my comfy Blundstones. I wore her girly flip flops.
At work the next day, I mapped the path we walked. Over 8km.
We passed several cab stands along the way.  A cab back to the cars would have been $10.45 (ie: approx $3 each). Cost of a tube of Polysporin for my chaffing and a bandaid for RY’s blisters $10.49 + $0.50 = $10.99
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