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Where’s the beef?

August 30, 2009 Leave a comment
RY made hamburgers for lunch yesterday. She made me two patties with cheese melted on them but I only ate one so she put the other one on a plate in the fridge with some tomatoes so that I could heat it up later in the day.

Later in the day, I walked into the kitchen and saw a plate with saran wrap and tomatoes on the counter. I assumed RY ate the burger as a little snack. I asked her. She replied that she had taken it out to heat up for me and then forgot about it. She asked if I ate the burger. I had not.

That leaves the two kittens. What did they do with it? We asked them but they aren’t saying.

We looked in their usual places for stashing their treasures but to no avail. There are no burger crumbs anywhere in the house. We can’t imagine they ate the whole thing. That’s a lot of food for two wee kittens. And they were their usual playful selves, no bloating. We even felt their tummies to see if there was unexplained masses in them. Nothing.

It’s a mystery.

Today, however, RY commented that one kitten’s coat is looking good and that the "Beauty" food must be working already. I think we have us some barnyard Alberta, beef-eating critters. Screw the "Beauty" food. A little hamburger makes everyone look good.


Two quick updates

August 29, 2009 Leave a comment
1. Kitten food
Our kittens are eight months and our vet told us to start mixing their kitten food with adult food. So we went to the pet store where they sell our kitten food (exclusive brand because they have expensive tastes like their mother – RY ).
Although our brand has only one kitten food, they have several types of adult food. Our kittens aren’t fat and don’t need the ‘light’ version. They don’t vomit so they don’t need a special digestive version. Etc.
We asked the Royal Canin rep what she suggested. She said the regular "Adult" food would be fine. Then RY saw it…. "Royal Canin BEAUTY". Yup – it’s called "Beauty". For cats in need of beautiful fur. RY insisted we get the Beauty food because "why wouldn’t we want beautiful kittens?"
I am looking for a food for me called "Beauty" or at least "Studly".
2. Laundry
We are never caught up on laundry. As I write this, we have one full hamper to be washed. This is likely the least amount of laundry we’ve had dirty and waiting to be washed. Why are we so caught up? RY took two days off work this week. By my calculations, we will be totally caught up when she starts working 2 day weeks.

I would be a terrible mother.

August 25, 2009 Leave a comment
RY and I left the house on Friday at noon. We went for her mani/pedi then to Eaton Centre then to her brother’s wedding rehearsal and dinner. We got home about 9pm.

When we entered the house, we saw Riley on the stairs. Not Zeke. But we heard meowing from upstairs. I ran up to find we had accidentally locked him in the linen closet. He likes to run in there when we put the towels away. He was there for 9 hours, poor thing. But to his little kitten bladder credit, he didn’t pee.

He was a little traumatized and wouldn’t go anywhere without me for a few hours (I had to walk with him down to the litter and stay with him while he peed).

I’m glad I don’t have kids. There’s no way a kid would have stayed in the closet for 9 hours without peeing. I don’t think I could stay in the closet for 9 hours without peeing.

Oh – and in an unrelated subject: Do you remember how we got a PVR box? This was about a month ago. We haven’t watched tv AT ALL since then. It’s been on maybe twice and that was to play wii. The things I do for love.

I suppose it helps my “Fit for 40” goal.

August 15, 2009 Leave a comment
On Thursday, RY, a friend and I were downtown. The friend lives on Jameson. We walked across the bridge to the Waterfront path for a leisurely stroll.
After about 40 minutes, RY recalled that there was a suspension bridge nearby that she had wanted to walk across but she couldn’t remember exactly where it was. So we walked. And walked. And walked.
We found it after walking for about 1.5 – 2 hours. (Can’t remember exactly as it was a haze.) It was a hot muggy Toronto night. I was covered with smog sweat that clogged my pours and bugs that tend to stick to the smog sweat. My pants were a bit baggy and I was chaffing in the thigh. Ew ew ew.
Have you ever read Stephen King’s "The Long Walk"?
Halfway back to the car, RY’s feet were blistered. We changed shoes. She wore my comfy Blundstones. I wore her girly flip flops.
At work the next day, I mapped the path we walked. Over 8km.
We passed several cab stands along the way.  A cab back to the cars would have been $10.45 (ie: approx $3 each). Cost of a tube of Polysporin for my chaffing and a bandaid for RY’s blisters $10.49 + $0.50 = $10.99

I’m stupid but trusted by the law.

August 15, 2009 Leave a comment
Last week, we got a PVR from Rogers. Essentially, I just had to unplug the old cable box, plug this one in and program the remote. Rogers automatically does the rest. It came with very good instructions.
As an engineer, I followed the instructions to the letter. At the end, I ran out of instructions and it wasn’t working. I called tech support.
Tech support asked if I did something. I had. Then she told me to go the box and press the power button. So I did. That fixed it.
Later that week, RY and I were driving up to Newmarket to pick up her bridesmaid dress for her brother’s wedding. It’s about an hour from our place. We stopped in North York to get some cash to pay the seamstress. Coming out of the bank lot, we couldn’t turn left, which is the direction we wanted to go. So I turned left and pulled into the left lane so could pull a U-turn. While in the left turn lane, I saw a sign indicating I was not allowed to turn left. Hmmm… Since I was already in the turn lane and traffic was coming behind me thereby preventing me from getting back in the right lane, I U-turned anyway.
That’s when I made eye contact with the OPP officer in the Esso parking lot. Ugh.
They pull me over. One officer approaches my side casually. Another officer approaches RY’s side of the car with his hand on his gun. Obviously they are trained to know the femme in the passenger seat is going to be the troublesome one.
I roll down my window and the officer says "Did you know you pulled a U-turn…" I just said "yes" and handed him my info (which I had ready).
They go back to their car to run my information and RY is cursing the whole time.
Then the officer comes back, gives me a warning and helps me merge back into traffic.
RY is annoyed that I get off when she gets a ticket. I think I get off because unlike her, I’ve never used the expression "why are you wasting the tax payers money?". She believes I got off because I am a "trusted travellor".
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