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Old age and kittens

1. Old Age

On Friday morning I walk into my office. A few seconds later one of my analysts comes in very concerned. Apparently I was walking slowly and looked like I was in pain.

I told her that I was pushing 40 and fat. THAT was the problem. Then I warned her that it would happen to her too. So there.

2. Kittens

RY has taught the kittens to play fetch. She throws a tin foil ball and they both tear off to get it. Then they both run back to her, one of them carrying the ball in their mouth. She throws it again and they do this again. It’s very entertaining.

Yesterday morning, RY was playing fetch with Zeke and then went to shower. After she was done showering, she opened the door to the bathroom and little Zekey was there waiting with the ball in his mouth. Apparently, Zeke is now a dog.

I asked if RY was going to teach me to fetch and she replied "I already have." Then I went upstairs to get her ipod for her.

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