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As long as they don’t call me late for dinner…

My boss told me to get a NEXUS pass. A NEXUS pass is a special status that enables you to get through US/CAN customs faster. Instead of standing in line to talk to an immigration agent, you walk up to a computer, punch in some buttons, let it scan your iris and you’re done. No questions asked.
Once you have a NEXUS pass, you are considered a ‘trusted traveller’ and can almost come and go as you damn well please. But if they ever catch you smuggling anything, even an apple, they will take away your ‘trusted traveller’ status and can do the same to your relatives. I’m not sure how deep into the family tree they go, but the document threatening this looked pretty scary so maybe everyone up to and including my dead great-grandmother.
Step 1 in this process is getting a passport, which I already had. Easy.
Step 2 is getting a TN Visa. I went to the buffalo border and got one. Took half a day and 50 USD.
Step 3 was applying online for the actual NEXUS pass. Took a couple of hours and another 50 USD.
Step 4 was going to the NEXUS office at the airport for the interview, fingerprinting, iris scanning, etc. Took an hour including the drive and was free!
Step 5 was waiting about a month for the card to come in the mail, which it did. Unfortunately, according to my card, my middle name is "middle".
So I called the NEXUS office to fix it. I was expecting all kinds of bureaucratic nonsense and attitude. I didn’t get it. All the agents I spoke with were pleasant and helpful and incredibly accomodating. They told me how to fix it online, gave me their direct number and said they’d do the approval on their own instead of making me come down again (which they would normally have to do for a new card order). It was awesome. But it cost me 25 USD.

Once I get my card, I can come and go as I damn well please… well once I get the clearance from RY…. and as long as I don’t have an apple…

Oh – and RY has told me that I must apply an AR/AO analysis to this blog, so here it is:  Many people face oppression and  discrimination in the immigration process but due to my position of privilege in society, I am able to navigate this system much more easily. But when we say ‘position of privilege’ – that’s my race and class privilege, not gender or orientation privilege, because I don’t have that.
(By the way, AR/AO is anti-racism/anti-oppression for you unenlightened folks)

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