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I’m getting a sun dial.

Note: This blog entry could also have been called "FOSSIL sucks".
RY got me a diesel brand watch for my birthday. It was the best looking watch I’ve ever owned and it probably weighed 5 lbs. Within the week, it stopped working: it was losing time and gaining days so we took it back. The owner of the store where we purchased it had the exact same diesel watch with the same problem. He sent both watches to FOSSIL to be repaired (apparently FOSSIL makes diesel watches). After several months, the watch came back and it had the same problem. We got a refund (begrudgingly might I add).
In the meantime, I found a FOSSIL watch I liked in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. I bought it. The first day I wore it to work, the face popped off the pin that attaches it to the leather wrist band. I popped it back on. It will do this at least 3 times daily. As I was worried about losing the pin, I went to a FOSSIL dealer in Edmonton and asked if I could purchase spare pins. The dealer said that the pins in this particular watch bend easily and are always popping out and no, he doesn’t have any pins to sell me. If I wanted, I could give him the watch and they’d send it to FOSSIL for repair. I had enough trouble getting FOSSIL to repair my watches, so I declined.
I did email FOSSIL directly to ask about getting pins directly from them and they too advised sending the watch in for repair.
When we returned the diesel watch, RY bought me a different watch as a replacement gift. It was a FOSSIL. This one had a brown wristband so now I’d have a black and brown watch for all my fashion needs (and my fashion needs are oh so many). On the weekend, RY asked what time it was and I looked at my watch. It was around 6:15 (I knew because we had just gotten out of the car and I had remembered that) and on my watch, the hour hand was on the 5, the minute hand was on the 9 and the second hand was sitting at the bottom of the face as it had come off the mount. #$%^!
Don’t buy a FOSSIL watch. They may be pretty, but they are useless.
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