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At least it wasn’t January…

I have a keychain with my car key, my house key, my Esso speedpass and a PetSmart frequent buyer tag. When I go on business trips, not unlike last week, I take my house key off the keychain and put it in my laptop bag. This way, if RY can’t pick me up at the airport for some reason, I can take a cab and will still have my key to get into the house. The reason I do not take the entire keychain is that when you’re standing in line at the airport, every ounce you carry matters.
<Aside: No matter what time I’m scheduled to arrive at the airport, RY is always 3 hours early. I may not even be on the plane at that time. Isn’t that cute?>
Anyway, I drove home from work today, stopped at the grocery store, picked up the mail and parked in the garage so RY could park on the driveway when she got home. As the garage door closed and I’m hiking up the front stairs with my four heavy grocery bags (all doubly bagged because they were so heavy), I realized that my house key was still in my laptop bag, which was at that point in time, in the office. Not that it mattered, because the garage door had just closed on my car and the only openers are in the car, in the garage and in the house.
RY was not scheduled to be home until 9pm and was in a meeting until then. What a pickle.
I sat on the stoop thinking ‘who will still be at the office at this hour who drives this way to get home and whose number I have programmed into my cell phone?’
I called Karen, because everyone who has a problem calls Karen. As I told her what happened, I stuck my hand in my pocket. In that pocket were my set of keys to RY’s SUV. Thankfully, they are on a keychain with a house key!
Can you imagine me sitting on the porch for three hours with my groceries and then realizing that my house key was in my pocket the entire time?
From now on though, I’m carrying the extra ounces.
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