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As long as they don’t call me late for dinner…

May 29, 2009 Leave a comment
My boss told me to get a NEXUS pass. A NEXUS pass is a special status that enables you to get through US/CAN customs faster. Instead of standing in line to talk to an immigration agent, you walk up to a computer, punch in some buttons, let it scan your iris and you’re done. No questions asked.
Once you have a NEXUS pass, you are considered a ‘trusted traveller’ and can almost come and go as you damn well please. But if they ever catch you smuggling anything, even an apple, they will take away your ‘trusted traveller’ status and can do the same to your relatives. I’m not sure how deep into the family tree they go, but the document threatening this looked pretty scary so maybe everyone up to and including my dead great-grandmother.
Step 1 in this process is getting a passport, which I already had. Easy.
Step 2 is getting a TN Visa. I went to the buffalo border and got one. Took half a day and 50 USD.
Step 3 was applying online for the actual NEXUS pass. Took a couple of hours and another 50 USD.
Step 4 was going to the NEXUS office at the airport for the interview, fingerprinting, iris scanning, etc. Took an hour including the drive and was free!
Step 5 was waiting about a month for the card to come in the mail, which it did. Unfortunately, according to my card, my middle name is "middle".
So I called the NEXUS office to fix it. I was expecting all kinds of bureaucratic nonsense and attitude. I didn’t get it. All the agents I spoke with were pleasant and helpful and incredibly accomodating. They told me how to fix it online, gave me their direct number and said they’d do the approval on their own instead of making me come down again (which they would normally have to do for a new card order). It was awesome. But it cost me 25 USD.

Once I get my card, I can come and go as I damn well please… well once I get the clearance from RY…. and as long as I don’t have an apple…

Oh – and RY has told me that I must apply an AR/AO analysis to this blog, so here it is:  Many people face oppression and  discrimination in the immigration process but due to my position of privilege in society, I am able to navigate this system much more easily. But when we say ‘position of privilege’ – that’s my race and class privilege, not gender or orientation privilege, because I don’t have that.
(By the way, AR/AO is anti-racism/anti-oppression for you unenlightened folks)

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Fit by 40 – Day 1

May 26, 2009 Leave a comment
RY and I went to the gym. This is nothing new, we’ve been doing this since January, but this is the first time post ‘fit by 40’ blog.

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical at level 3. (RY did 65 minutes on 10, but we’re not going to talk about that show off.) Then I did 500 steps and I carried an additional 10lbs for the last 100. Then I smelled really bad.

We did some weights and went to the grocery store for chocolate chip cookie dough. Well, we actually just went for groceries but RY snuck that into the cart.

In other news, the kittens were eating the flowers I brought for RY so we bought them some cat grass. They prefer flowers.

Love makes me fat.

May 25, 2009 3 comments
Those of you who know me well may recall that I originally started blogging here: in April 2005. I started that blog in an attempt to lose weight because I was dating someone younger and consequently, more energetic. Also, I was gaining weight likely due to the adage that you gain weight in a relationship. That attempt to get in shape and blog about it lasted about 3 months.
Then in 2007, I re-started the blog because I was dating someone older than I was and I was not able to keep up. This attempt, however, lasted only one blog entry.
Now I am back to dating someone younger and more energetic than I am. I have gained more weight with RY than in any previous relationship so this relationship must REALLY be serious. Only true love can do that. Although the irony is that RY has lost as much weight as I’ve gained so I’m not sure what that says…?
Regardless, I cannot allow this weight gain to continue. I will not allow this weight gain to continue. Even though RY likes me chubby, I will not succomb!
Consequently, I am embarking on a "Fit by 40" quest. For those of you who think I’m younger than I am (and I know you all do), I will be 40 in 16 months. That gives me 16 months to meet my fitness goals. This means I have to set some fitness goals.
Fitness Goal #1:  Set some fitness goals!
He he. Seriously, I’m working on this. I only have two so far, but I will add to them as I develop the attack plan. And rather than continue the old blog, I will just give you updates here. Although I like the look of the other blog better, I don’t like having two blog identities/passwords/etc – it just clutters my OCD mind.
And to give you a taste, here are my first two goals:
1. Complete the CN Stair Climb (1176 stairs).
2. Lose 60lbs.
If you have other good health goals, send ’em in!
Thank you for your support.

I’m getting a sun dial.

May 21, 2009 Leave a comment
Note: This blog entry could also have been called "FOSSIL sucks".
RY got me a diesel brand watch for my birthday. It was the best looking watch I’ve ever owned and it probably weighed 5 lbs. Within the week, it stopped working: it was losing time and gaining days so we took it back. The owner of the store where we purchased it had the exact same diesel watch with the same problem. He sent both watches to FOSSIL to be repaired (apparently FOSSIL makes diesel watches). After several months, the watch came back and it had the same problem. We got a refund (begrudgingly might I add).
In the meantime, I found a FOSSIL watch I liked in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. I bought it. The first day I wore it to work, the face popped off the pin that attaches it to the leather wrist band. I popped it back on. It will do this at least 3 times daily. As I was worried about losing the pin, I went to a FOSSIL dealer in Edmonton and asked if I could purchase spare pins. The dealer said that the pins in this particular watch bend easily and are always popping out and no, he doesn’t have any pins to sell me. If I wanted, I could give him the watch and they’d send it to FOSSIL for repair. I had enough trouble getting FOSSIL to repair my watches, so I declined.
I did email FOSSIL directly to ask about getting pins directly from them and they too advised sending the watch in for repair.
When we returned the diesel watch, RY bought me a different watch as a replacement gift. It was a FOSSIL. This one had a brown wristband so now I’d have a black and brown watch for all my fashion needs (and my fashion needs are oh so many). On the weekend, RY asked what time it was and I looked at my watch. It was around 6:15 (I knew because we had just gotten out of the car and I had remembered that) and on my watch, the hour hand was on the 5, the minute hand was on the 9 and the second hand was sitting at the bottom of the face as it had come off the mount. #$%^!
Don’t buy a FOSSIL watch. They may be pretty, but they are useless.
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The best gay question ever.

May 20, 2009 Leave a comment
As a lesbian, I get a lot of questions from straight society about being gay. I’m ok with all questions, even potentially embarrassing ones, as I’d rather dispel a myth than have someone wander around in ignorance.

The other day, co-worker A asked me a really awesome question. It was so incredibly logical that I wondered why no one had ever asked me before. And no one had. She asked if RY and I ever had problems figuring out whose socks were whose.

I love it. The best question ever!

And the answer (for those now wondering): No, we do not. RY has designer socks like Paul Frank and Calvin Klein and I have white sport socks, black sport socks, heather work socks and generic socks.

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At least it wasn’t January…

May 11, 2009 Leave a comment
I have a keychain with my car key, my house key, my Esso speedpass and a PetSmart frequent buyer tag. When I go on business trips, not unlike last week, I take my house key off the keychain and put it in my laptop bag. This way, if RY can’t pick me up at the airport for some reason, I can take a cab and will still have my key to get into the house. The reason I do not take the entire keychain is that when you’re standing in line at the airport, every ounce you carry matters.
<Aside: No matter what time I’m scheduled to arrive at the airport, RY is always 3 hours early. I may not even be on the plane at that time. Isn’t that cute?>
Anyway, I drove home from work today, stopped at the grocery store, picked up the mail and parked in the garage so RY could park on the driveway when she got home. As the garage door closed and I’m hiking up the front stairs with my four heavy grocery bags (all doubly bagged because they were so heavy), I realized that my house key was still in my laptop bag, which was at that point in time, in the office. Not that it mattered, because the garage door had just closed on my car and the only openers are in the car, in the garage and in the house.
RY was not scheduled to be home until 9pm and was in a meeting until then. What a pickle.
I sat on the stoop thinking ‘who will still be at the office at this hour who drives this way to get home and whose number I have programmed into my cell phone?’
I called Karen, because everyone who has a problem calls Karen. As I told her what happened, I stuck my hand in my pocket. In that pocket were my set of keys to RY’s SUV. Thankfully, they are on a keychain with a house key!
Can you imagine me sitting on the porch for three hours with my groceries and then realizing that my house key was in my pocket the entire time?
From now on though, I’m carrying the extra ounces.
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