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I am a Superhero

For those of you on RY’s facebook, you’re probably wondering why she thinks I’m a superhero. Here is the blog you’ve all been waiting for: The License Plate Blog.

About a month ago, I had to fly to Dallas on a Sunday for work. I’ve already blogged about how that Sunday flight was cancelled and I ended up going really early Monday morning. RY being the trouper that she is still gave me a ride to the airport even though it meant getting up at 3:30 am. She also likes to go in early sometimes to catch her night shift staff doing naughty things so it’s win-win.

Unfortunately, 3:30 am proved too early and she decided to drive home and take a nap. This meant that when she drove into work (over an hour commute) she was really surly and out of sorts. Surly and out of sorts is not good to be when you’re pulled over the Toronto Police.

The officer pulled her over because her rear plate is almost illegible (the paint faded on the letters). After telling RY why he pulled her over, RY told him that her birthday was this month and she was going to replace the plate when she renewed her registration. He said that she should take a picture of the new plates to court and they will throw out the ticket. Instead of replying "thank you officer" like a normal person, my surly and out of sorts feminist fight the power girlfriend said, "then why are you wasting my time and the tax payers’ money?"

Oh no.

Then he noticed she didn’t have a new sticker on the back of her registration papers. He went back to his car. By the time he returned, RY remembered the reason why she didn’t have a sticker (she just moved and they don’t give you a new one until your next birthday) and told him. He said it was a good reason but was too late as he’d already written the ticket. She then said something equally ill-advised and moved on.

About a week later, when I was back from Dallas and at work, I got a phone call from RY who was at the Ministry of Transportation office trying to:
1. pay her ticket (but without the ticket as she ‘lost’ it – we later found it in her purse)
2. renew her driver’s license
3. get new plates and register her car

Apparently, you cannot pay your tickets there and technically, if you have an outstanding ticket, they can’t renew your license (but they did!).

Additionally, to get a new plate, you must give them your old plate. As RY hadn’t removed her plate, the clerk handed her a bucket of old tools and told her to select the one she thought she’d need. RY took a few and wandered out to the parking lot to remove her old plates. To ensure she didn’t take off, they kept her license.

That’s when I got the call. She couldn’t get the plates off because the screws were ‘rusted’ on. So she called me to come and help. I went into the shop at work
 and got a couple tools and drove to the MTO office (a block from our house).

I got out of my car, took one of my screwdrivers, and removed the plates. RY watched in awe. Apparently, she was using the wrong screwdriver. I was using a phillips head and she was using pliers.

She continued her registration process and I went back to work.

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