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A quickie

Note: This is not the blog I’ve been promising since last week, but it will come (AND I have another one to blog too so there’s an embarassment of blog riches coming your way). This is a quickie because I’m on a work break:
I have always thought of myself as a young, hip boss. If you google me, you’ll actually find that I am one of Monster.ca’s "best bosses" (although that was back in 2005 and my staff were just trying to suck up…)
Regardless: young and hip.
Yesterday I discovered that one of my latest hires has the same birthday as I do. EXCEPT MINE IS 17 YEARS EARLIER!!!!!!!!!  I just hired someone who is an entire generation younger than I am!  I could be his mother!
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  1. Miss
    April 25, 2009 at 11:47 am

    teeheheMoms can still be young and hip–MILFs are a good example :DA different acronym would be in order though!

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