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I know, I know…

It’s been over four months since I blogged. Several reasons:
1. Busy. In fact, I’m writing this one during my lunch break at work while eating. I have taken maybe 10 lunch breaks at work in the last four months.
2. I’m not sure how to add photos anymore. I added some for the Mexico pics and I can see them on my blog, but no one else can. I’m not sure why. Consequently, I’ve been adding photos to facebook instead. If you really want to see the photos, go to facebook and add me as a friend or email me and I’ll send you a link. Although if you don’t want to be my friend on facebook, why I’d go through the trouble of sending you a link is beyond me… (exception noted for people who don’t have a facebook account).
3. Very busy. Did I mention I’m busy? Don’t even ask me when the last time I called my dear, sweet mother was… (Mom – I’m calling you this weekend!!!)
Something recently happened that I have to blog but it’s a little too long for me to do during my lunch break here. I’ll add it on the weekend. In the meantime, let me hold you over with the following mini-blog:
Last week I was scheduled to fly to Dallas for a one week business trip (interviewing techs for the Dallas office). RY was not looking forward to me being gone for a week because she loves me so much and because we just got brand new kittens, which are quite the handful. So reluctantly, she drove me to the airport and we said our good-byes.
When I went to check in, they told me they cancelled my flight and re-booked me for a 6am flight the next day. I called RY to turn around and pick me up.
In the car she turned to me and smuggly said, "See – I always get what I want."
Apparently my femme has the power to change United Airway schedules.
I hope I never do anything to piss her off…
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