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What happens down in Mexico…

December 3, 2008 Leave a comment
I’m back from Mexico. Did you miss me?
My parents and my dad’s cousins went to an all inclusive in Xcaret (pronounced ish-ka-rette) and invited me and RY along. When I departed Toronto, I had pimples and rings under my eyes from the work stress and by my return flight, I was kind of tanned (my feet were REALLY tanned) and pimple free.
We saw many ruins and climbed many stairs. Going up wasn’t so hard – it was turning around at the top and realizing how high up we were that was scary. We came down on our butts. Apparently the ancient Mayans have never heard of handrails.
We had good food, high calorie pina coladas and plenty of sun. RY and I were told we looked like twin sisters by our catamaran bartender. Not sure what he was drinking.
Photos are attached. I’ve also attached some other pics from recent events since I promised I would in the last blog… and for some reason, they aren’t in this entry, they are in an album on the right. No idea why they don’t embed anymore.
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