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A little blog to hold you over.

I know I’ve been negligent on the blog – here’s a short excuse why:
1. Moving RY into my place while mom and dad visited and did my renos. I have pictures. I’ll post them later. If you get a Christmas card from me, you’ll see pics there. If you’re on my facebook, there are pics there.
2. Trip to Phoenix for work. I came, I saw, I laid off. But no hard feelings.
3. Trip to Dallas for work. I came, I interviewed, I hired. But not enough. If you know anyone in Dallas looking to crawl into tiny spaces with water and wastewater, let me know.
4. Flag twirling rehearsals for Santa Claus parade season. Due to work and holidays, I will only be able to attend 3 parades. Good thing though – the hats for this year are painfully bad. Will have pics next week.
5. Trip to San Diego for work. I came, I saw, I inspected.
I’m keeping busy. Here’s a little hiring story to hold you over until I can either put up a pic or post a more interesting blog:
We have a contract staff person who searches the Monster and Workopolis sites and forwards resumes to us. She called me to set up a phone interview with a candidate in Virginia. Let’s call this candidate, John Smith. John wasn’t a random call – he applied to our ad in an industry paper. He actively sought us out and applied for a job. The interview was scheduled for 4pm on Wednesday.
I call, as scheduled, at 4pm on Wednesday. I hear his cell phone click on, but all I can hear is background noise. I say, "Hello? Hello". He answers, "hello?"
I say, "this is <insert my name here>, calling from <my company name here>". I pause waiting for some kind of recognition.
He says, "I can hardly hear you. It’s really loud in here. I’m in a bar."
I repeat what I just said.
He says, "You know what? I can hardly understand a word you’re saying. It’s so loud here. I’m in a bar. I love this bar. I’m always here."
So I’m thinking, ‘who says that?’. This has to be a joke. Someone’s punking me… I then reply, "maybe I should just email you."
He replies, "Yes! Email me. And send a photo."
I reply, "A photo?"
He says, "yeah – you sound cute!"
Apparently I sound not only cute, but straight. How disappointing.
I didn’t hire him.
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