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Two efficient people are one too many.

As many of you know, RY is moving into my house end of October. It’s terribly exciting. And because RY’s furniture is much nicer than mine, we decided to use her furniture in the living room and bedroom. This means we need to paint and that is a good excuse for me to finally get off my ass and put some hardwood (or laminate) on the main floor. The second I said "renovations" to my mother, she said, "your father and I are on the next plane!" They love renovations. 🙂
Anyway, RY and I made a moving calendar with lists of the things each of us has to do for this move. One of the items is for RY to cancel her telephone and internet with Bell. The corresponding item for me is to change my internet from DSL to wireless and add some unlimited long distance to my phone plan. My internet and phone are also with Bell.
While we discussed this, RY realized that by cancelling her Bell internet, she would lose her sympatico email address (her main address). So we discussed her transfering her internet to my house and me cancelling my internet. But since I have phone and internet, they are bundled and I’m saving something. It’s a challenge, I know.
During work, I emailed RY and told her she could also transfer her phone to my place and I’d cancel everything I had with Bell. The problem now is that neither one of us will keep our home phone number.
So RY emailed back telling me to check out what my cable/cell provider will offer to get my home phone patronage before she calls Bell back. I email back indicating that I will call Rogers and do that. Rogers calls me on a regular basis to get my home phone anyway.
I call Rogers. I get a good deal. I am locked in for 2 years. I keep my phone number.
I go to email RY and tell her. I find an email from her in my inbox saying "don’t call Rogers yet!!!!!!!!" Apparently she was on the phone with Bell, had transfered her phone plan to me and gotten us a new number.
She then spent most of the day on the phone with Bell trying to cancel the phone and transfer only the internet. She was on hold for many hours and they disconnected her twice. They told her they couldn’t give her internet without phone. It was a serious effort to put things to rights.
I think she got it done, but she missed her nail appointment.
We were planning on getting three kittens in February. RY says we have to coordinate our efforts better or we’ll end up with six kittens.
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