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Four Blogs!

Blog 1: Change is bad.
I’m not sure what happened, but I seem to be short rubbermaid/ziploc/glad containers. I had bought a bunch for salads for work but I’m finding that they disappear – like the sock in the dryer phenomenon – although my socks have always been fine. Perhaps this is due to the sock monster taking my ziploc containers.
I figured I’d pick up more. No problem.
Problem. They don’t seem to make them in the same and/or shape of the ones I already have. So now I have more mismatched containers. ARG!
Those of you who know me, know I’m really annoyed by this. Sigh.
Blog 2: Elvis Festival!
On Saturday, Co-Worker A and I went to Collingwood for their annual Elvis Festival. It was very random and very fun. There were many Elvises – Old Elvis, Young Elvis, Jumpsuit Elvis. There was a bald Elvis. One Elvis didn’t look anything like Elvis – he had white hair and was wearing a normal suit – like a lounge singer would wear.
Sadly, I had forgotten my camera. Happily, RY let me borrow hers. Sadly, it was set to take pictures in black and white. I’ve attached a photo of Co-Worker A and I with one of the many Elvises. In black and white. Maybe you can print it and colour it yourself.
Blog 3: London Pride Parade.
We twirled in the London Pride Parade again. It was much the same as last year – proud gays and self-righteous protestors. The main difference this year was regarding the restroom facilities in the staging area.
Last year, while we were setting up, we were in a parking lot behind a gay club. The owners of the gay club let us use their restrooms. This year, we were in the same parking lot, but the gay club was closed. RY and I wandered from door to door, trying to get in and not succeeding. Finally, we were pointed to the back door of the building attached to the club.
The door was opened and we entered. Inside was a small vestibule with a ticket window on one side and a door on the other. The ticket window was empty, the door was locked. We rang the button and a nice gentleman appeared. When he saw us, he looked a little startled.
"We’re from the parade group – Can we use your restrooms?" I asked.
"Um…. "
"Last year, we used the restrooms next door but they were locked today," I added hopefully.
"I’ll go see if I can get you in next door," he said and left.
When he returned he said, "I’ll let you use our bathrooms if you promise not to be offended."
We both agreed to not be offended. It really takes a lot to offend us.
We were buzzed in. Apparently, it was a gentleman’s spa and there were maybe four guys at the bar (keep in mind it was noon) and one was sitting there in his underwear. We were so totally NOT offended. In fact, it was kind of cool.
We entered the restroom where there was one stall and two urinals. We took turns using the stall.
While I was washing my hands, one of the guys in the bar yelled, "Hey girls – what’s taking you so long?"
I yelled back, "you can come in if you promise not to be offended."
Hee hee. Two can play at that game. 🙂
Blog 4: Peeing in a cup.
I had to pee in a cup today. Apparently I’m old enough to have to do a urinalysis and fasting blood tests with my annual checkup.
The nurse gave me the key to the washroom (not in the lab but down the hall by the elevators), a pee cup AND a test tube. I had to pee in the cup and then transfer some, but not all, of my pee from the cup to the test tube. That’s much more pee handling than I normally like to do. But in true virgo fashion, I did an excellent job. Very neat and tidy.
And I was very pleased with my urine colour. It was very pretty – not too yellow.
Then I walked it back to the lab and put it in the urine sample box. Unfortunately, I was the first one tested that day so my pee was alone in the box. I like to see the other samples and compare them to mine. I like to feel urine superiority.
Us with Elvis         Me in London          ROTC in London
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