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Weekend summary.

On Saturday morning, I went to boxing for the first time in about two months. It’s hard to get there for a summer weekend day. I’ve been busy. Turns out, the instructor was busy, so it was cancelled. I did errands instead.
Saturday night, RY and I went to her parents’ place in Cambridge. It was her mother’s birthday so her dad took us all to the Mohawk racetrack for a buffet and some betting. Both RY and I are very bad at picking horses. Her dad won the Exactor in the first race. In the 6th race, RY picked a horse for her and a horse for me. Mine didn’t even finish. Some kind of equipment problem. We decided to leave after the 7th race. I bet $2 on Trade Editor and won $6.10 – woo! I’m a winner.
Then we went to a gay bar in Cambridge (just RY and I, not her parents) and met some friends there. RY then brought me a lot of tequila shooters. We had a grand old time. RY is a bad influence on me.
Sunday was pretty good. We got up at noon to the smell of RY’s mom cooking chicken. I felt pretty good too! A lot better than I did after RY fed me a bottle of red wine last weekend. Maybe it’s because this time, I drank in the city where there are fewer bugs to bite me.
Then we went to the Jazz fest in Waterloo and for dinner. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and there was free parking. What more could you ever ask for?
I hope I have many more weekends like this, but without the heavy drinking. 🙂
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