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I’m booking my chiropractor now.

Stella is moving again. The last time she moved was about 4 years ago when she moved from Guelph to Toronto. That involved four of us packing all her stuff in a big truck, me driving it to Toronto, and three of us (Stella, me and some guy off the street looking to make $40) unpacking all her stuff. Although, admittedly, her friend Jay and I decided she didn’t need all her stuff so we left some on the curb for the Guelph hippies to pick up. That made the move a little easier.
On Thursday, I went to Stella’s to help her pack for this move. Her place was in a typical state of pre-move chaos. Typical for a Scorpio – not a Virgo. And it was exactly at that moment that I had a flashback to last summer when I helped move the DS twice in four months. If you read those blogs, you’ll remember I had severe back pain until Christmas and it took my chiro, my physiotherapist and an osteopath to fix things.
I’m thinking it’s almost worth the $400 to hire a mover to save me the pain of helping with another femme move…
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