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Algonquin Park long weekend.

This past weekend, RY and I went to Algonquin Park and stayed at the  Blue Spruce Inn . Click that link and look at the "Greenwoods" cottage. It has a hottub, satellite tv, fireplace, a/c and a really large bathroom. The bathroom even has a bidet. You know it’s fancy when there’s a bidet. (I didn’t use it though because quite frankly, they scare me.) We went up on Saturday and came back to Toronto on Monday.
Saturday night, RY decides that she’s never seen me drunk so she starts plying me with wine. Really good, expensive wine. She starts drinking Smirnoff Ice.. well, she didn’t ‘start’ so much as ‘continue’. Sunday morning, the place was a mess (relatively speaking as we both are neat freaks, and believe it or not – she’s more of a neat freak than I am), my teeth were wine coloured and there were actually moments that she says happened that I don’t remember happening. Luckily, there are also moments that I say happened, that she doesn’t remember so I wasn’t the only one who was badly behaved. And because I was drinking the expensive wine and she was drinking vodka coolers, I think I got the best of that deal. AND when we went to the local LCBO to get another bottle of wine for RY to drink with dinner on Sunday night (I was not ready for more wine and will not likely be again until next year), they didn’t have good wine – only cheap wine. So RY had to drink cheap wine Sunday night. That will teach her for deliberately getting me drunk.
Aside from the drunken debauchery night, we went on a couple of hikes, paddle boating and of course, RY did some tanning. She wanted me to sit out in the sun with her while she tanned so I guess technically, I was tanning too. But while I was tanning, I was being attacked by a swarm of nasty bugs. There were points where RY was slapping me on the neck and killing multiple bugs. I didn’t realize that they weren’t just flying around me, they were biting me. Nasty critters. And to add insult to injury, they were only attacking me, not RY. It’s like she planted me there as the decoy feeding ground.
Sunday morning, I was covered in bug bites that itched like crazy and had a bit of green in them. In addition to this, I had a lump the size of a pea on my neck. I thought maybe I got a knot in the muscle. RY and I took turns trying to massage it out. It did not massage out. It got bigger on Monday.
We went to the Walk In Clinic in Guelph and it turns out it’s a lymph node. The doctor figures it’s from the bug bites. Regardless, I’m a blotchy, itchy mess.
But I’m still ready for my next vacation. Bring it!


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