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So many blogs… so little time.

Toronto Pride:
Last week was Toronto Pride. Normally, for me to stay away for the evening parties the DS would have to pump me full of Red Bull. This year, I went to Phoenix to give a safety training session during the week leading up to the pride weekend so my internal clock was three hours behind. For 10 days I did not go to bed before 2am Toronto time. This week, I’m really paying for it though. Getting up for work really is difficult. Yikes.
The parade was the best yet. We won the Most Fabulous Choreography for the parade. Here is a video that was taken early in the route so there aren’t many observers yet. I already emailed this to some of you so don’t watch it again if I sent it to you. It’s the same video. I’m the marcher in the front and on the right (when looking at me from behind).
After the parade, we hung around on Church St and people watched. At one point, RY and I decided to share a funnel cake so we got in line. We were in line for almost an hour and when we were two people from the front of the line, the vendor told us that they ran out of propane and it would take 20 minutes to get another tank. Of course. We decided that we were not meant to have funnel cake.
Instead, we went to a restaurant for beer and real food. We stayed there until about 2am. RY kept going to the bathroom and complaining because they were filthy. Then I would go 10 minutes later and they would be freshly cleaned. This happened twice at the same restaurant. We were also swarmed with nice partiers who were telling us how beautiful we were all night. They were great fun and very sweet. One gentleman, Michael, who I assumed to be gay but could be wrong, told me I was beautiful and asked if I were 100% lesbian. I said yes. Then he asked to sit on my lap so he could talk to RY. I let him because, hey, it’s Pride. He then told her she was beautiful and asked if she was 100% lesbian. She said yes. I love Pride. I’m adding them as friends to my Facebook… if I can find the piece of paper I wrote her name on… there was a lot happening that day – I can’t keep track of everything.
Luckily, I took Monday off and Tuesday was a holiday so I had time  to recover from the madness.
A Good Thing About RY:
She vacuumed my place on Monday! Can you believe that? And she actually seemed to enjoy it. I so hate to vacuum. God bless her.
And I do not have a pic of RY yet that I can show you. Oddly, we didn’t take any at Pride. But we’re going up to Algonquin so we’ll take some pics then. (RY rented a luxury cottage for her parents for their anniversay and they gave it back to her for her and I to use. Sweet! I’ve never been. I’m so excited.)
Homeowner Pain:
I finally have some spare cash so, of course, my dishwasher crapped out. Sigh. Last year I had to get a new stove, this year is dishwasher. Do refrigerators die?
I also had something else I wanted to mention, but can’t remember what.
  1. Miss
    July 3, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    Yes! You have a pic! I put it on facebook. (From the engagement party) She looks quite lovely 🙂 I can email it to you if you want!

  2. S
    July 4, 2008 at 8:58 am

    but i look really bizarre in that pic. you should crop me out of it.

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