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Working out works.. sort of.

I have been working out at the gym by work. I haven’t noticed any weight loss and in fact, the gym scale says I’ve been gaining a lb a week (impossible because my pants fit the same and there’s no way I’m making a lb of muscle a week). I’m not going to weigh myself on the gym scales anymore.
Anyway, my boxing coach makes us do a plank every week for abdominal strength. Due to my parade schedule, I have not been to boxing in a month or so. I will start going again in July. Normally, I don’t do plank well. My abs have been wacky since my hysterectomy. I do 10 second planks.
Wednesday, I decided to try a plank at the gym. I did 30 seconds. I was very pleased with myself.
This morning, I did a plank again just to ensure it wasn’t a fluke on Wednesday. It wasn’t. 30 seconds!
I’ll be fit in no time. But according to the gym scales, I’ll weigh a lot more.
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