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A blog about food and drink.

One of my field techs from our U.S. office drove an inspection truck up to our office here in Mississauga for repairs. He told me that while he was inspecting a line in Denver, he picked up a six pack of a fabulous local beer. Of course, HE didn’t use the word fabulous because he’s a straight construction worker.
Unfortunately, he said the beer didn’t quite make the drive up to Canada. He drank it. (And, no, not while driving.)
He did say that if I send him on the Mexico inspection, he’ll bring me tequilla. That will be awesome… or I’ll have one really hammered field tech.
On another topic:
A year or so ago, I tried roti. I didn’t like it. It looked like a wrap that is portable and that you should eat with your hands. The DS and her kids eat it exactly like that. They are successful. I found that because the meat was still on the bone, I had to debone the chicken while I ate it and that’s a task I really need to be sitting down with a fork and knife for. So the roti was false in its portability. I do not like being fooled by my dinner.
On Wednesday, the new woman, let’s call her RY (short for "rebel yell" and it’s too long and lame a story to explain why and NO, there is nothing sexual about it – get your mind out of the gutter) – anyway, RY bought me a roti from a restaurant called the Big Jerk or the Happy Jerk or something like that. This roti did not have any bones and it was served to me with a fork and knife. I like this roti. It sat on the plate and had no pretense whatsoever of being portable. Perfect.
And RY wrapped up the leftovers, put it in a bag with a bottle of Ting and let me take it for lunch. God bless her. Now if I could only teach her to be topless when she brings my beer, I’ll be set.  
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