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The universe provides.

Some members of my ROTC group stayed over at my place on Friday so that they were closer to the place we were going to be parading Saturday morning. Since it was freaking hot, they asked if I had ice cubes for their beverages. I did not. Here’s my philosophy on ice cubes:
I don’t use them. So if I fill trays with water, they take up fridge space and then eventually evaporate away until there is nothing in the tray but a white residue. God knows what the white residue is from. Then one day, I will need ice and think "hey – I have ice cubes" only to open the fridge and see empty trays. So essentially it’s better that I don’t have any ice cubes at all rather than have a false sense of ice cube security.
ROTC made me make ice cubes. They did not use them though.
The parade was brutal by the way. WAAAAAAAY too friggin hot to twirl a flag. I’m hoping there are no videos on youtube. It sure wasn’t pretty.
On Monday, I had a lady friend over. She brought red wine (because I do not have alcohol in the house).
Please note that she didn’t bring over wine because she’s an alcoholic, it’s because she was experiencing some menstrual cramps and she says that red wine helps. I’m sure it’s like ‘medicinal pot’. If I were a red wine drinker, I wouldn’t have needed a hysterectomy.
Anyway, as I’m pouring her wine she asks "do you have ice cubes?" Apparently she likes ice cubes in her red wine.
And thanks to ROTC, I do have ice cubes. God bless those flag twirling gays.
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