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Catching up on blogging.

I’ve been busy so I’ve been late giving a summary of the wedding. So here it is:
The church service was the shortest one I’ve ever been to. I read the poem I was supposed to read without incident (although I had to hold the microphone and I was so tempted to pick it up and start singing werewolf showtunes).
At the reception, I was seated at a large round table with my parents, my brother and his wife, my grandmother and my great Auntie Jean. My Auntie Jean is 90 years old and very chatty. The first thing I heard her say was "who is that boy?" meaning me of course. My grandmother replied "that’s no boy, that’s Soncha". ("Soncha" is what my name sounds like when a Ukrainian farmer says it.) My Auntie Jean got it.
Then I changed seats and she forgot. So she asked my grandmother who I was again.
This occurred every time I changed seats.
Finally, she pulled me over and chatted with me for several minutes. She told me about how she thinks I’m a boy because I look like my dad (which I do) and in the old country, if a girl looks like her dad, she has good luck. So apparently I have good luck. Then she told me that she wanted to be a carpenter all her life and she got her dad to show her how to build a house. She did the shingling on the roof and her husband couldn’t help because he was afraid of heights. I thought that she was telling me in her own way that she’s a tomboy dyke too! She was telling me we were kindred spirits!
Then I changed seats and she forgot who I was again.
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